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September 22, 2017
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October 4, 2017
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November 7, 1957
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,Nt=ORMATION REPORT ~!-!-_'D'~'? mo: CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY I~ w NM-' r' t as sa , e battery la ve1Ty., net t hood of 25 to 4.0 panda of battery v;yc t thus it vc~1G avt be raTTrlsir.C to rtr1 tbes launching ? sata111te of 30-inch diaoeter lne'_eed of *;,x-zt 20. as in the US j- tell1te. Poloamv F7cvw, throo"gk Dudenkrrv, the exact fr*quescice to be cued: 20.'05 acs. std 40.002 rots. Sisre these are not exact barsnnics, the 5crieta .uetM~cies Intcmdlni to beat a circuit in their receiver against cx of th-we freT doubled In a:dar to snake their s,cestrr. tXta. Pbloelcv ale, Bald that the ies would be 5 x l0-5; skdulattC % mid rrlntive siabSlit7 of the 1Z'eQuenc be arhievrd by melprocal keying between the to transsdtters. The satellite is e3Tceted to rinks between to and six pi a per dsy and to be in the score of riaibluty for etves.l sdmrtes per pesa?6e. The t-asedaaians Trot the Soviet satellita e:.= be received by any saatear receiver or by srp errvevtl,n*1 ?.'7-t?T"i'e retelv*T sad astern. This gsteW of frequrmlee is .sactly the ate- as the co* used in the Soviet him -altitude prosra?. The satellite can be dis'_Sngaiahod fr'oe a rocket by the Degylerr effect,vbich abould be detect 1e as a rise or full in twee in earpboons tuned to the trarimcttter in the case of the satllite. Poloekm gave the apper'?t che+E+ in frequency due to this effect as es for the 20ocs. trac,asitter, 1060 cycles for 5~ 4cl f the tae,. +--a tier. Approved for Release ,,,\ 1 The Canfeteaee cm loockets tad Satellites, bold in ;tashinstca. D. C., frrt 30 Sep to k Oct 57, vas sttended by Soviet sC1entirte, A. A. &Lsjy-a'sv-vv S. !t. Poleskov and A. M. xasatkin. Rlsgenravuv vs-4 chief of Ihe rdet delegation the snows of t. i maf.Torus, the soviet de1egtlon reiraled coeaiderabla information on their rocket and satellite yroigsari on a few o*-~er aspects of their participation in the International GeWbYsie*1 Tear. This report coven obsnr stions c+d events during the Socket and Satellite coafereace. 2. Ca 1 Get 57 Poloakov, throuCFt Dode,}nv (' Secretary of the Soviet rd~aasy in Washington, vbo served ae interpreter), coafir"ed the irt+oded use by the Soviets of 20 and kO yesagclea Y the setering fregwoci S fur the Soriet earth satellite. ee described the keying of the two freIcaencies as folios: 'Share will be... transadttern, me watt each. in the satellite. One will try t fur 0.7 eecacda on -0 ees., then siaaxlteneously with the avitcb-off of the hO neea. trFaaadtter, the 20 sea. tranamdtter will ca on :or 0.05 = "Cs. ? '~.1 t3sa for repetit1eo of the traaatdtting pa thus 0.75 srecotis Po10,L CrT atstad, ?h~ Dndenkov, that the periol during vtd h the satellite v ,O-A ccnt1 nue to tr=end t would be a'.ovt three vests. According to urns observer, ?',1oakov firtrt acid in Rnna:aa wben this gnesti:o vs.a 'I don't vast to r that Q'rcetion,' ?ut the official lnteryrr'-cr gavw this scvxihing lils, This bas rat yet been decided.' According to amt ra,rce, two tsanmdtterw. even allowing then to be lighter and slig`rt=7 more efficlcnt ti-,^n M eq dpwen t , at 1 watt each, vcv?U regtd rid a_`wRrt a tom` t 'lace u woch r t-1 to vt1ch would Wean scmethlng in the th ' ~SLC,F'Jt'OA10Of I,tGC TOR --K-- -PCT}10LS./I A1f1T DBie t fSEP 19"a ~- f 5? awemade rwhrmee to Ia of the Swriet stone, fEeflief Is tt,ti he tiled some rublleatlae+ of date an the forlet aatellite prKlwit. %ew ep'seifiaally s-eotiaesd tae 7 Sad 6 for 57, aeeortirid to Oute ow, VA aetxasll7 gS.btad from Iseam 6. Pbloa%vr al,a .Std that lass. 5 two 19% gave . fall t ehaieal aeocriptton of tM tae trss.mittar. taro vtll ve, but Dadaobe would not a firs this stata..ct. b. pbloslror gave sr the reasons for the Soviet ebodee of 8o mad 40 see, rather than 1060 the falleri e t / a. Tt awonld to poaaibL to plek %V the astallite for tracking samewh.t earlier. b. 1 lower ire a. lass power. its sv .1& be rare eftlelaat aid r+taire C, They wlahed to are the satellitem for loooaVb'sre et Uta and used these two frequenelee, them they vere or" epprepristo to the.. problem. Tbry do not erect to get all of the 2'0 we. traaaeiaeicm thrcngh the Ionosphere; . oe'adoa, the 40 see, tramaisaloo vvald coaw tl*ra vbee 20 vne't. Vhen asked bow m eeh time the 1>S would herva to prepare monitoring etalTeat for the 20 ant to nee, fregvendee, P 1oskov gave a rarirty of aarmwrra. The official one was !!slaw 'Ve will arrnmce ota pLw in pled.-7 of time for you to .eke the necessary prvparaUeae.' AaottKr vrra+ca, ie .tied Daienkor van lavolvad, 'If our attempts ar' aueeessful, Iva will bar# plenty of time.* atilt smother .ever van, *If our larmrh Ii ea-.essfu1, we will announce It; and If the sate111te lasts long tao.sgA, you'll bare pl"'7 of time to prepare your etiulpmaat.' Sevtral rnr ere rf tl?e gr rT 7reesod Poloskvv to oq hoe long vas `long ere=gh,* to vbieh be ; the fl&srre of three weeks for duration of the ta+emssitters and a vee+i to a year for the actual life of-the astallite. lo:.osloov Said eavrrrai tta.,e that Wight of the .atallite voald be aovr 12 kg. 8. Re optical tracking, the folloving iaforvntioe was obtxtned frva ?:leabv, thr"_{,fi Dudenkav, nale.# othervlee stated; a. They .x, ct to .chitty an acec:rsey of 0.1. to 0.5 degrets in poeitianing the satellite in-it. orbit (deteraiaatlan of the orbit by obweTvvtlao, not putting the rstr31lte 13t* me cstit). r. Their optics.! rtati . vi-11 be c o..d - f .n krrq cf xIr- .roQ.e in ]mine norsal to the snridiaa. 2boaa awl-*. arm et.ada--d, hning an ll-de re. field of -view. 2ba taleecop.s will be aft at intervals of five degree., center to omtrr, j;rvriding ezesllent overlaps A axlel of me of these tel.sctyea vas given to the 118 gsou ? obviuasly a setzro ftr the 9eeItnruiao gift of one of the BS trleveopec to K..ev1ch 1.rc e;ritg. It can apparently be changed by ewitehl-.g e.y teces t? tie Aa of view of different extent flan 11 degar.ea. ;Sac's rtt1; a: trtick i ce station vi.11 bare two lines of (tan t) the,? ecps s j t`+ere vi U be 66 atatlass and abort 30 enrbrrrt at ebrh .tat.lom. This Impllea about 2000 workers for the optical tracking pr,gVe , and aloe's there was no mention of ae.b*tIVS d arc ri 1A w wpe'e'd of thre. a. ps* eeKOa1 a p Tho t rwtstlaer has 1a-fti*t eallbrotta', awd ra:J d+il! ti L r, d t7 r+0erd1M eves datvw NOV tis 's in so&% 2.5 owosads- q, . h mmare to ? fsaa 740sa. darn to 550 00" s armowmsa+at ar'a .As with ainiatirised wwkTmnq 910 004 who (.' d K"66" ow" the prsssart rmrae down to 5 z l0-3 sr. t .i 4T% of t" tzrpe the +r is F" ~1i'-Z vt-i~ ens is a mdereo t~estaa wir. Rya, _ w* tanestsn vise with a syirsa di ttr of 60 sdrrmu. bwt fast daaaaMDed. sib-t7pss of this Ldtur t ., _uhirh weir wetUm"do the nsa of th@.woeatcles to a.. * boucd,07 layer :leaps ?1- la thl rs~ sra/arewnts0 the Eorists claim to bare developed errs of Cskia[ ecearate earraatisns. ?oriations in teeperstnrests.asurrd fr to sboort am about 30 to 40 dagess C'I of vhf eh essatkle ci fret rer7 Ltttls r.prssentsd error. 22, Z .satk1n stated that intarfero is wt .a of 1008 14021119 rorlrt p.s2tismmis6 bevs been used With the Boviet 6saytXTsiCL2 rr-kets but art with the w-t. r'sloii . rockets. 23. Sim-. 50 they bavo fired ear 3.00 ct them set,+~rr'1v?te*-I r .-lets mid till firs wore for the 101. 2a? alas of this mitt ass abort the .awe as the eld A-5 sad rather than Wi+s''ri'`LU. Tho Seh t they o ft r or?sarir+? a.: anti is altl.tada for their roc err at at tdrt c^4 . Soviets aes e' ~?to 1 es v ? shot in ei- t,i r o~ rock*ts. I n eta" in Vh _ th they b kept shoots in whies this setbx. was s .r-ssa:y dower to a edaifas. 25. XasaW.n said, in past-session ta]Ys, that be would Eoar'sntee rlft't veer that be ~.crgw eQa.Farszt? (Jo .*rtie,~ax t?" sf l n? vill the Borleta vould be be a std wt Easrwt't that `v t baits o p rronnaljto el at too would be 0 .ccrpt.ah1?rsis bad est arrite. are tco trolled not b7 Soviet Acadeap of 5cir:,rta but by otbar fisits to such py-"~ u trwas 304e* = . cr s-mo Vhtch ,ther tMr q out. bas oft-t S-- vveal+tsae.w sites aim0 ? be arraelcvd, but b! woKJd Ls+? is o,e lrresttgate this, netts to the CON-I'its flea sal data e~*staA r+uld M der initelj possible. heN Vasa 0008 d1 ?s:ca bet+w n U.+?t1'-n emd lr..a -f I,f tba txi. - r i' fit[ rYFs~inS the rrcbtag* of cojVIete oe e~-: = c no part in tT1 t , but iassttin see e d to . r? t + v'w V~TtN d es vtiCZ V,m gi'en fr. Q%^ trr r.'+?`1?.4 26. t1u>'t -r#. The e coth.r-rret;ed ~d 11Ear'es are 20.x5 acs. ant -').C'. aCe. rsnasOt?dtter. t 27. iasatkln vwa caked ,)oat the Boriet atw-st+beec s.*14] us.4 is a:-nL-tie. ihetr Lad tOcsn ore Erna k'tea-a pu' . e?L'nr sa w satellite life. we said tbry )at struck a tnfarorabe r>w51?, wd another vbooo sovr- w?a ?JSl we u (tom W.M. -bey cwlculttad. their 5telli,e life to be a've'r a.r a - the Savirt C 7~ ) aletions Iallcats .oasthin8 betxr?n for SD 9trr .10 v+al d rragnt bA dad w~ 8-,'r'Qt0. sate lilt. will hoLve no Fred w4o is saw with the A07al Aircraft lstrfliehs at (at 28. An 1bg11s belie ~r with an idea bard a the fk-{Sat vre of ji1? , I belle j r bad Min an intbr~l l`~a 4 Oct in the a tarneam. This 20n0 say., which be preseatad to st9dy ti" iaassa. s idsa W" es?enUs,117 to use the 20 awns tssM1asloas above the T lsyrr by rg?nizing an oats 119tuniNg eety which wrald iwteet the 6ot7.sta hue refr?ctI 10Qars ~.Ta the T. be acre ir lntesasted in this satt asbed IIleekbarn idea so that they would. osasidar doing it. wing the. aa.dae w Oat Laaa4t1a ataeM be w^t11 teat to a .'astute in giving t:-'aeaaa t of sul.Jltt.s to be h aaaplaA by tba mm ' t>tas tea enpsveaion `J rwep.etable saeeatr, Wore them fart as or t.t.' tttg.ei-4. p triotuky, taatt22e also aaii Ut.t tho figtt'e N_ 12 kg. v4.eb and sttritreted to ?oloakvr so the wwgbt of the ftrvt .ata111M to ..t tattat0.e at a11* s3sat kin stated Gimbal wade a art s'f eatriiattwae fie a at'e WU M, %atng 12 kg. w the hllr,k tonal angst. `rot *Alf 14 art deeded ?a M t2ls wilt of a' ' : '?' -'.: _~ - esttiJlta. Artaal',y vol*,tta vi-:J vary. bet ' rt.1 -tilt} of the emllaat will be as used ad that of the %N eat~ll:t?, steel all will definit ly Mee opocalar r.f1. tine. tasatlte ale. ?nxtls .t tar gnat Snclinatlon of U-0 eoviert sat.111te orbit, but refmWA *0 tble +f-seam to tMt ant or lindt it to !aloes si+evv 70 tat?..-ii be toted the+ t. 210dnt be sort would beer orbits feellsed at fe> we eta to the 4?tetor?r but that It w .v so p.rfwetly trot that they worm plamle' trbito in gewrel for inclined t. *be" 70 dogtvsa. riaatkin veaid give as dafinity figr:.ea on a4-oar" r perigee excopt that aeith.r walls be lee. them 20F` Ise. A. be satolllte L . E.aatkia r.A-??.r'? d t5at Lev tb y we" pret'.43AS fur a thrtt.w.erk V. hr the trensadttot 'aatt.r:+e. trwrv nbelrca r ?eyetrad. the eatalllte to 1?.rt at least that lang. on launching titan, Lsatkin refused to asks tomet,ts. ievwrt, It was pointed evt to his that once the .atalt.tte was ;ia>s -nrni .td ebrarv d outeda the Sort et one on, i t vale be pt sal a l r to ra! eels :,? tae !.a ::v-A' :R alto with pretty Of accuracy free the arblt yt' the .atalStte. Me r-o%f *?.:t 'Sts. w.,ll, write down the fu?stlone tom sat avwwr-d mad w%*Il *--T 10* you or east yoz an.evert to women of t_r+ at least.` 32. tae.atten undsrtovt to walk from the . taller 6r440. + t3., s.t?rt',g at 3 Oct in the aftcrncv= and very :,ate at abe?vt )h013 7?.raa, Z? bed bees sou?t by botL US mi4 Sobel a inning the af.tstnooii bit sad " reat3y pet two bears at least wedertag a.,-at t7?.htngta.a. If* oftkrsd ea ,presratel by others ideal be End bears e,. or hole 1ssL. eaplsnatica. ass It ve4 33- -a+9/ *o +r8 of 3 Oct, 1bloaic+ gc.e a p.v.r an tmnavz mite *s ea+rsetar ir..ich h# did not pt'tr,a was a amore. b7t only a e4lltrtt-a of obearmUstwe In this per No t. - ttai?d radar au a wee of tamstling hi et at tiVsde rocbrts f without ESv-rK alp real infaammsL'an. R' .I.n .taird that th, natation appe,are-1 to tr. Ei.rri.ty t., offer rsJattrely pear chanarea of makthg g.'at obserratlrns of 1ac*.1 la+rtpbrrir ^a-41ti,.. tbtaahrr aJv% e-+rVs-.v?d reJxtlrity nxvrtenta. T h*" vtrt ..' r- typal, aiJcd v----* pr+?tatrte+i as if tit vr.rr the out?y reiatltitr eq'tris.rta attt:h the Eo.trta bet s?rionaLy considered. Ore would to the of t1pa off- -te of rrla--trl.tle trchrmics on the eat.lltte emit. They her' : w1r:L'.