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January 13, 1959
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(When Filled In) INSTRUCTIONS FOR 'I71E ADPArNISTRATIVE OFFICER: Consult current instructions for completing this report. FOR 'IUE SUPERVISOR: This report is designed zro help you express your evaluation of your subordinate and to transmit this evaluation to your supervisor and senior officials. Organization policy requires that you inforfl the subordi-- nate where he stands with you. Completion of the report can help you prepare for a discussion with him of his strengths and weaknesses. It is also organization policy that you show Part lof this report to the employee except under conditions specified in Regulation It is recommended that you read the entire form before completing any question. If this is the initial r poi rt gn the employee, it must be completed and forwarded to the Office of rersonnei no later than 30 days after the date indicated in item 8, of Section "A" below. SECTION A. GENAL 1. NAME (Last) -- (First) (Middle) 1 1 z. DATE OF BIRTH 3. SEX 4. SERVICE DESIGNATION CARANCI John C 7 Feb 1922 M S. OFFICE/DIVISION 5. OFFICIAL POSITION TITLE DDP / T SS / Technol_ ogist v 7. GRADE 8. DAT 9. PERIOD COVERED BY TH!5 REPOR Nc vsxve dates) - - - - -__._ GS4I 30 November 1957 - 29 November 1958 . 10. TYPE OF REPORT INITIAL. REASS@GNMTN1.$UPCNVIDON 5'ECIAL (Specify) (Check one) XKJ ANNEAL REASSI GHI , T+IMPLOVEE V Promotion ll SECTION 8. CERTIFICATION 1. FOR THE RATER: THIS REPORT Ca HAS HAS NOT BEEN SHOWN TO THEINOSVIDUAL RATED. If NOT SHOWN. EXPLAIN WHY NOT' A. CHECK (X) APPROPRIATE STATEMENTS: THI }REPO R T...REFLE CT S MY OWN OP IN@ON S OF THIS @N01? IF I NDl V 109 A IS RATED "I i'@N CI OR 0. A WARN INS I. ET. VV VI DUAL. ?? _: - TER WAS SIM7 TO H I'M S A -CO.PYY, A-.T YACN ED? T!0 iwf4.. REPORT" TWIS REPORT REFLECTS THE COMBINED OPINIONS OF MYSELF I CANNOT CERTIFY THAT THE RATED INOIVIDU"AL KNOWS NOW AND PREVIOUS SUPERVISORS. I EVALUATE HIS JON PERFORMANCE BECAUSE (Specify): I HAVE DISCUSSED WI TN THIS EMPLOYEE 4115 STRENGTHS - --...I AND WEAKNESSES SO THAT HE KNOWS WHERE HE STANDS. B. THIS OATS C. TYPED IGNATURE OF SUPERVISOR 0. SUPERVISORS OFFICIAL TITLE 13 Jan 1959 Chief 2. FOR THE REVIEWINGOFFICIAL; R N i. 01FFERENCH'OF OP 1'N ION WITH TN FORMATION, WHIC14 WILL LEAD TO A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THIS REPORT.-- --- --- -- - Concur , b) (1) (b) (2) Gb> ~3> APPROVED FOR RELEASE^DATE: 12-Nov-2008 CONTINUED ON ATTACHED 34E E T I certify that any substantial difference of opinion with the supervisor is reflected in the above section. A. THIS DATE B. TYPED OR PRINTED NAME AND SIGNATURE OF REVIEWING C. OFFICIAL TITLE OF REVIEWING OFF.ICIAL- OFFICIAL 13 J 1959 SECTION C. VALUATION 1. RATING ON GENERAL PERFORMANCE Of DUTIES DIRECTIONS: Consider ONLY the: productivity and effectiveness with which the individual being rated has performed his duties during the rating period. Compare him ONLY with others doing similar work at a similar level of respon- sibility. Factors other than productivity will be taken into account later in Section D. I . DOES NOT PERFORM DUTIES ADEQUATELYI HE 15 INCOMPETENT. 2 BARELY ADEQUATE IN PERFORMANCEI ALTHOUGH HE HAS HAD SPECIFIC GUIDANCE OR TRAINING. HE OFTEN FAILS TO CARRY OUT RESPONSIBILITIES. 3 ? PERFORMS MOST OF HIS DUTIES ACCEPTABLYI OCCASIONALLY REVEALS SOME AREA OF WEAKNESS. 4 PERFORMS DUTIES IN A COMPETENT. EFFECTIVE MANNER. INSERT 5 ? A FINE PERFORMANCE: CARRIES OUT MANY OF HIS RESPONSIBILITIES EXCEPTIONALLY WELL. RATING 8 . PERFORMS HIS DUTIES IN SUCH AN OUTSTANDING MANNER THAT HE 151 EQUALLED BY F1EM; OTHER PERSONS KNOWN-TO NUMBEA THE SUPERVISOR. COMMENTS: FITNESS REPORT (Part I) PERFORM NOE REPLACES PREVIOUS EDITIONS cyva~-RE FORM NO. I 5 (Part I Performance I'4) OF FORMS 45 AND 45A WHICH ?~ 1 NOV 53 'Y :7 ARE OBSOLETE. 2. RATINGS ON PERFORMANCE OF SPECIFIC DUTIES DIRECTIONS: OF r I C l f' DCfbC~~ State in the spaces below up to six of the more important SPECIFIC du 'i s p rlfel~ ~~Ying this rating period. a . Place the most important first. Do not include minor or unimportant duties. 'b. Rate performance on each specific duty considering ONLY effectiveness in performance of this specific duty. c. For supervisors, ability to supervise will always be rated as a specific duty(de not rate as aupervieora those W t nl i ary o se a secre who superv y). c d. Compare in your mind, when possible, the individual being d ith t31 ~Wrming the some duty at a similar level of responsibility. a. Two individuals with the same job title may be performing different duties. If so, rate them on different duties. f. Be specific. Examples of the kind of duties that might be -rated are M All ROOM ORAL BRIEFING HAS AND USES AREA KNOWLEDGE CONDUCTS INTERROGATIONS GIVING LECTURES DEVELOPS NEW PROGRAMS PREPARES S CONDUCTING SEtIINARS ANALYZES INDUSTRIAL REPORTS TRANSLATES WRITING TEch NICAL REPORTS MANAGES FILES DEBRIEFING CONDUCTING EXTERNAL LIAISON OPERATES RADIO KEEPS BOOKS TYPING COORDINATES WITH OTHER OFFICES DRIVES TRUCK TAKING DICTATION WRITES REGULATIONS MAINTAINS AIR CDNDI TIONING SUPERVISING PREPARES CORRESPONDEZJCE EVALUATES SIGNIFICANCE OF DATA g. For some jobs., duties may be broken down even further if supervisor considers it advisable, a g., combined key and phone operation, in the case of `a radio operator. 1 INCOMPETENT IN THE PERFORMANCE OF THIS DUTY 6 PERFORMS THIS DUTY IN AN OUTSTANDING MANNER 2 ? BARELY ADEQUATE IN THE PERFORMANCE OF THIS FOUND IN VERY FEW INDIVIDUALS HOLDING SiMI- DESCRIPTIVE DUTY, LAR JOBS RATING 3 ? PERFORMS THIS DUTY ACCEPTABLY 7 - EXCELS ANYONE I KNOW IN THE PERFORMANCE OF NUMBER 4 ? PERFORMS THIS DUTY IN A COMPETENT MANNER TH IS DUTY 5 ? PERFORMS THIS DUTY IN SUCH A FINE MANNER THAT HE IS A DISTINCT ASSET ON HIS JOB SPECI FI C DUTY NO. 1 RATING sF RATING Fabricates prototypes from drawings NUMBER NUMBER ti i 5 4 p on and oral descr : . gF RATING S1 -RAT:NG NUMBER NUMBER 5 3 S- 3 RATING $ , RATING' NUMBER NUMBER 3 3. NARRATIVE DESCRIPTION OF MANNER OF JOB PERFORMANCE DIRECTIONS: Stress strengths and weaknesses, particularly those which affect development on present job, A major strength is subjeet's skill in selecting the proper sequence for each operation and the ability to commence work on a new job with a minimum of wasted time. He needs experience in technical report writing and mechanical drawing. SECTION D. SUITABILITY FOR CURRENTI.O$ IN ORGA$LZATION DIRECTIONS: Take into account here everything you know about the individual.... productivity, conduct in the job. pertinent, personal characteristics or habits, special defects or talents....and how he fits in with your team, Com- pare him with others.'doin.g similar work of about the same level: 1 DEFINITELY UNSUITABLE - HE SHOULD BE SEPARATED 2 ? OF DOUBTFUL SUITABILITY... WOULD NOT HAVE ACCEPTED HIM IF I HAD KNOWN WHAT I KNOW NOW 5 3 . A BARELY ACCEPTABLE EMPLOYEE... BELOW AVERAGE BUT WITH NO WEAKNESSES SUFFICfENTLY OUTSTANDING TO WAR- RANT HIS SEPARATION 4 ? OF THE SAME SUITABILITY AS MOST PEOPLE IKNOW IN THE ORGANIZATION RATING 5 - A FINE EMPLOYEE ? HAS SOME OUTSTANDING STRENGTHS 6 ? AN UNUSUALLY STRONG PERSON IN TERMS OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE ORGANIZATION NUMBER 7 - EXCELLED BY ONLY A FEW IN SUITABILITY FOR WORK IN THE ORGANIZATION IS THIS INDIVIDUAL BETTER SUITED FOR WORK IN SOME OTHER POSITION IN THE ORGANIZATION? YES r?o. IF YES, EXPLAIN FULLY: SEC R r_rr e.e. 1R.. Es g~p (Men Filled In) INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE AgMINISTRATIVE OFFICER: Consult current instructions for completing this report. FOR THE SUPERVISOR: This report is a privileged communication to your supervisor, and to appropriate career manage- ment and personnel officials concerning the potential of the employee being rated. It is NOT to be shown to the rated employee. It is recommended that you read the entire report before completing any question. This report is to be completed only after the employee has been under your supervision FOR AT LEAST 90 DAYS. If less than 90 days. hold and complete after the 90 days has elapsed. If this is the INITIAL REPORT on the employee, however, it MUST be completed and forwarded to the Or no later than 30 days after the due date indicated in item S of Section " v?' below. SECTION E. GEN ERAL 1. NAME (Lest) (First) (Middle) 2. DATE OF BIRTH 3. SEX 14. SERVICE DESIGNATION CARANCI John C 7 Feb 1. 22 M S. OFFICE/DIM 6. OFFICIAL POSITION TITLE DDP / T SS / Technolo ist T? GRADE a? D 9. PERIOD COVERED BY THIS REPOR dates) GS-11 20 November-1957 - 2 November 1 8 10. TYPE OF REPORT INITIAL REASSIGNMENT-SUPERVISOR SPECIAL (Specify) (Check one) ANNUAL REASSI GMMENT- EMPLOYEE X Promotion SECTION F. CERTIFICATION 1. FOR THE RATER: I CERTIFY THAT THIS REPORT REPRESENTS MY BEST JUDGEMENT OF THE INDIVIDUAL BEING RATED PERVISOR AT OF S RE SUPERV C ISOR'S OFFICIAL TITLE A. THIS DATE B. T SIGN - U U . 13 Jan 1959 Chief, 2. FOR THE REVIEWING OFFICIA L: REPORT AND NOTED ANY DIFFERENCE A. THIS DATE B. TYPED O R Ppimun MAMIE AND RE OF REVIEWING ? OFFICIAL TITLE OFREVIEWI NG OFFICIAL 13 Jan 1959 ?FFtC1 AC O TIA SECTION G. TEN L ATE ESTTW I. POTENTIAL TO ASSUME GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES DIRIDCTIONS: Considering others of his grade and type.of assignment. rate the employee's potential to assume greater responsibilities. Think in terms of the kind of responsibility encountered at the various levels in his kind of work. I ?'ALREADY ABOVE THE LEVEL AT WHICH SATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE CAN BE EXPECTED 2 ? HAS REACHED THE HIGHEST LEVEL AT WHICH SATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE CAN BE EXPECTED 5 MAKING PROGRESS. BUT NEEDS MORE TIME BEFORE HE CAN BE TRAINED TO ASSUME GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES e 4 ? READY FOR TRAINING IN ASSUMING GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES 5 WILL PROBABLY ADJUST QUICKLY TO MORE RESPONSIBLE DUTIES WITHOUT FURTHER TRAINING 6 ALREADY ASSUMING MORE RESPONSIBILITIES THAN EXPECTED AT HIS PRESENT LEVEL RATING 7 AN EXCEPTIONAL PERSON WHO IS ONE OF THE FEW WHO SHOULD BE CONSIDERED FOR EARLY ASSUMPTION OF HIGHER NUMBER LEVEL RESPONSIBILITIES 2. SUPERVISORY POTENTIAL DIRECTIONS: Answer this question: Has this person the ability to be a supervisor? M Yes ? No If your answer is YES, indicate below your opinion or guess of the level of supervisory ability this person will reach AFTER SUITABLE TRAINING. Indicate your opinion by placing the number of the descriptive rating below which comes closest to expressing your opinion in the appropriate column. If your rating is based on observing him supervise, note your rating in the "actual" column. If based on opinion of his potential, note the rating in the "potential" column. 0 HAVE NO OPINION ON HIS SUPERVISORY POTENTIAL IN THIS SITUATION DESCRIPTIVE I ? BELIEVE INDIVIDUAL WOULD BE A WEAK SUPERVISOR IN THIS KIND OF SITUATION RATING 2 BELIEVE INDIVIDUAL WOULD BE AN AVERAGE SUPERVISOR IN THIS KIND OF SITUATION NUMBER 9 - BELIEVE INDIVIDUAL WOULD BE A STRONG SUPERVISOR IN THIS SITUATION ACTUAL POTENTIAL DESCRIPTIVE SITUATION A GROUP, 0014e 'THE BASIC' JON (truck drivers, stenographers, technicians or professionsape- , cd'elista of various .kinds) WHERE CONTACT WITH IMMEDIATE SUBORDINATES IS FREQUENT (First line ~ supervisor) A GROUP OF SUPERVISORS WHO DIRECT THE BASIC ice (Second line supervisors) 2 A GROUP, WHO MAY OR MAY NOT BE SUPSRVI A-ORS. WHICH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAJOR PLANS, ORGANIZATION O ANq POLICY (EXecutive level) - ,. WHEN CONTACT WITH IMMEDIATE SUBORDINATES IS NOT FREQUENT 1 WHEN IMMEDIATE SUBORDINATES` ACTIVITIES ARE DIVERSE.ANDREED CAREFUL COORDINATION 0 WHEN IMMEDIATE SUBORDINATES INCLUDE MEMBERS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX OTHER (Specify) FITNESS REPORT (Part II) POTENIAL FORM NO. REPLACES PREVIOUS EDITIONS I NOV 45 (Part 10 ~ OF FORMS 45 AND 45A WHICH I Potential - {Ak Apr risen: rTr 3? INDICATE THE APPROXIMATE NUMBER OF MONTHS THE RATED EMPLOYEE HAS BEEN UNDER YOUR SUPERVISION 18 months GF PER 4? COMMENTS CONCERNING POTENTIAL Believe subject would be an excellent first line shop supervisor. FEB 5 3 'M 'S9 x .. MAIL ROOM SECTION N. FUTURE PLANS I. TRAINING OR QTHER DEVELOPMENTAL EXPERIENCE PLANNED FOR THE INDIVIDUAL i.T On the job training. 2. Subject has received training since the last Field Fitness Report was submitted. 3 . 2. NOTE OTHER FACTORS, INCLUDING PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES. TO BE TAKEN INTO ACC OUNT IN INDIVIDUALS FUTURE ASSIGNMENT `;SECTION I. DESCRIPTION OF INDIVIDUAL .bIRi IONS: This section is provided as an aid to describing the individual as you see him on the job. Interpret the--:;?'e-rally. On the page below are a series of statements that apply in some degree to most people, To "the left of. each statement is a box under the heading "category." Read each statement and insert in the box the .category number which best tells how much the st atement applies to the person covered by this report. ? X ? HAVE NOT OBSERVED THIS. HENCE CAN GIVE NO OPINION AS TO HOW THE DESCRIPTION APPLIES TO THE ... y:~ . _.. _ ', ^` ?._. INDIVIDUAL ..? _.. _ - I ? APPLIES TO THE INDIVIDUAL TOTNE`LEAST POSSIBLE DEGREE CATEGORY NUMBER 2 APPLIES TO INDIVIDUAL TO A LIMITED DEGREE 3 ? APPLIES TO INDIVIDUAL TO AN AVERAGE DEGREE 4 - APPLIES TO INDIVIDUAL TO AN ABOVE AVERAGE DEGREE ,.. _ .. :- S ? APPLIES TO tNDIVDUAL TO AN OUTSTANDING DEGREE CATEGORY STATEMENT CATEGORY STATEMENT CATEGORY STATEMENT - 1. ABLE TO SEE ANOTHER'S II. HAS HIGH STANDARDS OF ZI. IS EFFECTIVE !N DISCUS- POINT OF VIEW ACCOMPLISHMENT SIONS WITH ASSOCIATES :'2. CAN MAKE DECISIONS ON HIS - 22? MPLEMENTS DECISIONS RE. I,- ~ OWN WHEN NEED ARISES 3 12. SHOWS ORIGINALITY 1 3 GARDLESS OF OWN FEELINGS (-- HAS INITIATIVE I3: ACCEPTS RES-ONSI BILl ? Z3. 5 THOUGHTFUL OF OTHERS TIES ~ - - 4_1 A N A L Y T I C ( N'~` H I S THINK ?- - 14? ADMITS HIS ERRORS 1 24. WORKS WELL UNDER PRESSURE INS 3 S: STRIVES CONSTANTLY FOR 15. RESPONDS WELL TO SUP-E It - 1 25. Dt SPLAYS?JVDGEMENT ~.. NEW KNOWLEDGE AND IDEAS I. f~ VISION -,6.. KNOWS WHEN TO SEEK 16? DOES HIS JOB WITHOUT Z6? IS SE CURI TY CONSCIOUS ASSISTANCE STRONG SUPPORT ?--_ 7. CAN GET ALONG WITH PEOP'LE 17. COMES UP WITH SOLUTIONS #Z7. S VERSATILE TO PRD BLEM S 28. HIS CRITI CI SM IS CON- .- 3 B. HAS MEMORY FOR FACTS 3 16. IS OBSERVANT STRUCTI VE Z3. FACILITATES SMOOTH OPERA- '-"--. ry 9. 'GETS THINGS DONE 19. THINKS CLEARLY Tf4k OF HIS OFFICE 20. COMPLETES ASSIGNMENTS 30. DOES NOT REQUIRE STRONG 10. CAN COPE WI TN EN E.R GEN CI CS W.1 THIN ALLOWABLE TIME AND CORY I PIUOU S SUPERVI 54. LIMITS SIGN C ,C 1F