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July 22, 1957
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APPROVED FOR RELEASE^DATE: 04-Nov-2008 ~-`WVIM InELLIGNNCE IM SECURITY .April 1956; from his position a clandestine operations officer in BER.L N. Naval Cxipt First Rank A. S. SOKOTAV was believed to have sorted with Mel Gen P.N. CHEKMAZOV, Chief of W m Tap Secret Control Secttaw ACS[ ;i. 6._7A '~-VWVED FROM Internal Ref No. CUB FI.LE$ MF(J No. 1035 04. -- 104 ~-hp k2 Jul 57 4" MM Copy No. 107 RU Personnel SorvinA with Soviet Military Missions in ?oat Ge (1955 - 195 Source: clandestine source of established authenticity. 1. Of the 26 personalities identified by material available from other sources as being members of the Soviet Military Missions in Wiest Germany during 1955-56, this source has traced at least 16 in connection with affairs of the GSFG Intelligence Directorate" (Razvedyyatolnoe Upraylenio: RU). A further four officers, whose names have not appeared elsewhere, may also be RU personnel stationed with the SbViet Military Missions in FR1 1'IJRT/Lain, U Zone; BAD SI.LZUFLIN, U.N. Tone; or ADEN BADIN, French Zone. - establishes the subordination of some, if not all, of these officers to the RU at HQ, GSE'G; indicates that they participated in the procurement of information (possibly including communications intelliancs) by clandestine moans, as well as procurement of materiel for the RU; and - reveals the existence of radio communications between the RU and at least one of the missions. Information from source also shows extensive odntaots between the RU and members of the Soviet office in BERLIN/TOTSDAM which conducted liaison with the Allied Military Missions in East Germany. (This aspect-of RU activities is not included in this report; Col. L.A. SERGEEV and Lt Col N.R. GMWO were the senior officers in the . BERT N/POTSDAM office.) I1U officer remarked on 14 Dee 55 that Col N. Ta. DUKI: was being considered for three jobs, one of them. to SOKOIUq 'A involving "external relations similar to what. jo1.L.Aj SERGEEV does with us", and a Brook later it was stated that DUKA might be assigned as liaison officer with the Western Armed Forces. Cbaswnt: DUSA is not believed to have been reassigned, as RET 1 23538 3. Attached as Appondix & is a complete list of Military Mission personalities traced in source material, together with details of references to them. 4. Evidence of the subordination of at least some of the members of the Soviet-Military Missions to HQ, GSF'G, vtas contained in a 2 Sep 55 telecon with the Ministry of Defense in which the participant at HQ, GM, pointed out that the GSB Chief of Staff had issued an order earlier in the year concerning the replacement of Lt Col DUBEL', KOKOLIN, IGWR IEV, and UD1!1. Comment: Officers having those names have boon identified by other sources as members of the PRuRgURT/MainMission. The RU, according to tlus and other sources, was a component of the GSM Chief of Staff's branch. 5- The subordination of members of military missions to the RU, of the GSFG Chief of Staff's branch, was pinpointed in a 19 Jan 56 telecon between the RU and the Main Intelligence Directorate in MOSCOW; MOSCD7: I will check immediately the personal files of S[TESHNIKOVt-- lC/ 7a!rOV, DOICOV, VOIASHIfx, IV:NOV, and VYBORNOV. RU: I request you not to hold up this despatch of the personal files for all of the officers assigned to us. U to now there are no personal files for SVESfINISDVb K i ORTOV, DOILOV, and now for VOLDSHIN, IVINW, rand) V1HCFROV oho have just arrived. Later in the telecon the RU stated: "You sent Comrade K[J)RTOV with three children to us, and he was obliged to leave his wife With the children in POTSp11M, moving alone into the zone, because his children were not accepted in a boarding school." Comment: Other sources identify Cal G.A. SVESf]I1 DV, Lt 001 K.P. KHURTOV, and DOIGOV as being on the staff of the FR!',PII F UR`P/ ::lain mission, and Sr Lt A.D. VYBORNOV on the staff of the hissioii at BAD ZATZUFI .. ? Further ii iforenbos -ta:IVJ'NOV k-.vho like VOIASHIN is unlocatod from material currently available, are given in paragraph -7 a. 6. Two references to Lt Col DUBEL', of the FRlMXFURT/1ain mission, provide additional confirmation of the subordination of military mission members to the RU. On 8 Sop 55 Mai Gen A.E. CHF7CFIIITSEV, Chief, RU, notified the Main Intelligence Directorate: "Lt Col DUBEL' is leaving on 9 September on a regular furlough. Comrade UDPIOV requests that he remain at his post. In connection with this, please begin prooossixig his return trip into the zone, Personal records are being'sent to your address.., Uo propose that Lt Col Aleksandr Afanas'evioh ISAEV of GINDYBIN's be appointed Deputy Chief of the Mission. Please communicate your opinion to KUDIAV." During the course of a telecon with the Main Intelligence Directorate on 17 Sap 55, an RU officer stated: "The second Cquestio~ concerns DUBEjLJ; UDALOV strongly requests his retention because he has improved at the present time. It is, thoreforo, advisable to leave an old enpioyoo who is experienced in this work. .And what is the situation concerning REEiIKCV? You have appointed 149416 Continent: V.L. UDAJ1DV was a rtomber of the FRANKFORT,4(ein mission and ISAEV and GAMYB121 of the BAD SALZUFLEt mission.. FROCJB i T OF INFY7RtitTICQd AND ATERiEt, 7. References suggesting or confirming the participation of military mission personnel in the procurement of information and materiel on behalf of the RU are as follows: - a) Purchases in West Marks Co]. V.V. MIKIIAILOV (Chief, RU 4: : ?/T communications) had been instructed to have Vladimir Lvont'evioh UDAIOY and Col M.G. BELOV (Chief, RU detachment, BERLm) make certain purchases in West Marks, it was stated on 9/3.4 Nov 55. b) The Soviet Ship 'YAWAI In a 7 Jan 56 telooon between Col MflUMIIOV and Lt Col A.P. MARTYNYCHEV (W/T oomuninieations, Main Intelligence Directorate), the latter stated: "Mai JaWZTCV of the British Mission /iutgl Miss3.ya7 must hand over the documents to the Captain of the Soviet ship 'YATW . Today the ship is at HAMBUI for repair and testing. He rpresumably KURB~AAGIV will arrive at HANBUEG nn the 8th and ban start his assignod trip on the 9th. Therefore, Co].. Z7.v.vj PIREICHUA ,'r communioa" tions, Main 7ntelli mince Dirootorat27 asked that you be told to take all measures to warn Maj KURBATOV about -the - circt:mstanco that has arisen and to make sure that he hands over the documents on 8 January. According ko our information, the ship will come into port for a stop on the night of 7 January. Also, the captain of the ship was notified that he should receive the documents from KURBATOV. Can you forewarn Kfk2BATOV?.. " MIKHAILOV replied: "I'm taking care of this matter. We sent out the documents yesterday. KURBATOV went out into tho zone at 0500 today. I'll give him instructions right away by radio..." Comment: Mej G.I. ERB:T'0V joined the Soviet Military Mission at BAD SALZUFLEN on 10 Doc 53, other sources have reported, and he remained there throughout January 1956;? the itinerary of the Soviet ship tJJp ' was as follows: 3 Dec 55 - Arrived FLLTISBUM to tow a floating dock 4 Dec 55 - Arrived HALIDU13G 10 Doe 55 - Sailed from HAMBURG 11 Jan 56 - Arrived PLYMOUTH, England 18 Jan 56 - Sailed from PLI ITH 7 Fob 56 - Arrived TRIN]D:J) 22 Feb 56 - Arrived. PLNE1MA 17 Mar 56 - Arrived HONOLULU 20 Mar 56 Sailed from HC IOXULU for VLtD1VOSTOCK Possible Communications Intolligence Lotivities - Two RU-Main Intelligence Directorate toloeons made reference to an IVANOV. Although a common name, there is the possibility of this IVANOV being identical with the IVANOV mentioned .in, T /-x~ \ 149416 a Military Mission context in Paragraph 5 above. In the . first tolooon on 12 Jan 56 between communications intelligence officors in GSM and M0SCO1.7, the letter asked whether 1VAN0V had arrived. Tho G officer. had just returned from leave ared did not knots about IV11W so MOWN explained: "He loft us to go to you with two Mhos comrades... I won't say any more about him now; ho will come and tell you everything and all will be clear to you..." The GSFG officer answered: "That is clear. so will give him every possible assistance and aid". On 25 Jan 56 the chief of the RU Cadres Department stated: "Enginoor Maj 1VANOV asks to be informed uhother you have selected an interpreter of the English language for his group to replace AVBEEV 5robably a corruption for AVDEEV but there is no other likely trace .of either namj. The group cannot work without an inter- protor; we will assign him to a position as intorprotor for the regiment of ...1Lt Cog RYZHIKOV ,Comman3ar, 28 Special Purpose Radio Regiment, subordinate to the RUJ and send him to the mission." The Main InttoLl.ig noo Directorate officer answered; 'We do not have an inter- preter for IViNCV at present, but if thero is a possibility, select one locally and submit Zss name to us for drawing up his appointment." d) 'Microamporomotors' An order for 40 mieroamporomoters, type "RY[I DE" (Q.D.) manufactured by the NEUBERGFR firm, was given on 27/28 Mar 56 by Col SMIRNOV to Col A.N. CVCHZNNYKOV (Chief, RU detachment, BERLIN). The same order, OVBTqTIKOV said, had also boon given to CHFIZNOUSCV. Comment; Col .8.1. CHERNCETSOV is identified by other-sources as Chief of the Soviet Military Mission at FRANKFURT/Main.. According to other sources, a firm making electrical measuring instru- ments and callod. the "MUNICH Sales Office" is :Listed in the West BERLIN telephone diroctory under the name Josef NEUBERGER,. Suedonde, Rotweileratrasso 7a, BERLIN-STFThLITL, Tel. No. 75-41-46. RADIO ([ICATICV8 8. Confirmation of the existence of W/T contacts betuocn the RU and the mission at BAD SI1 UFLEN was provided on 7 Jan 56, when Col MIKHAILOVV told MIIRTINYCHEV that he would give Maj KURBATOV "instructions right away by radio" (See Para? (b) above). mother indication of the existence of W/T contact bo-hvoon tno RU.and the military missions was the statement by Lt Col WRT1 YCHEV to Lt Col N.M. STREL'NIKOV (Chief, RU W/T station, SPffi NBF G-) on 18'Nov 55 that "the question regarding admittances and affairs at the mission" had not yet been settled. finally, there was the fact (noted in para 7(a)) that it was M iAIIrOV who was to pass instructions to IIDAIOV for purchases in West Marks. BEST COPY AVAILABLE 1.4941-6 Appeni3i4 tA: to Mw 1035 of 22 Jul 1957 Members of Soviet 3$ 1itary- Missions in West Gennanv Surname First Name & Rank Pat o 'yC BORISOV 7 0enadii Capt rleksan roviah - `x CHERNOUSOV Stepan Ivanovioh Col DOIGOV A.E. Lt Col Lt Cal Vladimir Col IVanovich -71 Lt Col Aleksandr Seh Mai `K RHORTOV Konstantin P. : It Col KOKOLIN BADEN BiADEN 14/15 Nov 55. A BORISOV, .who could be found at the RU, required a enter a building. at HQ, CSPG in order to call MOSC)W using a secure means of communication. Comment: No other BORISOV has been traced in an RU context. F'32ANK U1 E/ 19 Oat 55: A SR US CJJERNOUSOV left the M i n a on assignment to the RU. 27/261 Mar 56. Sec para 7d FRINKFJF(I/ 19 Jan 56: See pare 5. Main FRANKFURT/ 2 Sep 55: See pare 4. Main 8 and 11 Sep 55: see pare 6. BAD SALZUPLEN 8 Se;-:552- See pax-a 6* Fi NKMRT/ 2 Sep 55: See gam ]+.. Main ' - BAD SAIZUPLii 8 Sep 551 See pars 6. and FRANKFUE / Main 12 and 25 Jan 56: See para.7d. MJMUM/ 19 Jan 56: See pars 5, F'RANKFURT'/ 2 Sep 55: See pars 4.. Main 6 Sep 55: Lt Col STREL'NIKOV reported to the Chief of the RU ERFtJRT that KOZIAVSKII had telephoned to request. a pass for REHIX0V, who was subordinate to the Chief of the detachment. 17 Sep 55: See para 6. 106 Mar 561 KOZLOVSKEI was to enter a hospital 14 3416 Appendix 'Ai (continued) Surname First Name & RLtronymio KOZLOVSKII (continued) KUDL V lctiviti as and Remaxke Comment: It is not certain that KOZLOVSKII was in a military mission in West Germany. 8 Sep 55: See pars 6. Cousnent: KUDLCV may be a garble for UDALOV, `F. KUHBATOV Grigorii Ivanovieh Maj BAD SAGZUKE 7 Jan 56: See pars 7e. REPNIKOV 6 Sep 55: Bee under XOZLOVM= l7 Sep 55: See under Para 6. comment: It is not certain that REITVIKOV,, subordinate to the Chief of the RU detachment at ERFURT, was in a military mission in West Germany. X SEDOKOV Konstantin Lt Col FRANKFURT/ 27 Aug 55: A personnel drovieh Main and officer in the Main. BADEN BADEN Intelligence Directorate mxrx Hrto r.n~? - t Evgenevich notified the Chief of the RU Cadres Department that SEDOKOV would "leave for his place of service an 30 Augur- t-"-2 Sep 55: The Chief of the RU Cadres Department stated: "I still would like to be informed as to when Col SEDOKOV left. Earlier, you said he left on the 30th. We met it yesterday, but comrade SEDOKOV did not arrive. 8 Oct 55: Col SMIRNOV sent a message for SEDOKOV and UDALOV to remain in BERLIN that day. 9 Feb 56: col sYimV said that there would be a "man from the south, from SEDOKOV," arriving, possibly in BERLIN. Lt FRANSFUHP/ 27 Dec 55: The Duty S EC E F send , p file to us". ../.. 5. . Main Chief, RU, informed the Chief of the Personnel Directorate Main Intelligence Directorate, that STRUCHKC had arrived "at his new' place of service. Please Appendix 'A# (continued) Surname First Name & Rank Location Activities and Patrorwmic Remarks ?~. SV&SANfIKOV G.A. Co]. FRANM'URT/ 19 Jan 56: See pare 5. UDALOV Vladimir . Col FR/ UIfr/ 2 Sep 55: See pares 4.. Conti ench Main 8 and 17 Sep 55: See pare 6. 8 Oct 55: See under SEDOKOV. 9/14 Nov 55: See pare 6.1*, VOLOSHIN A.P. Col BAD SALZUFLEN 2 Sep 55: "Maj Gen [ E.J CHiECHSNTSEV [Chief, RuJ ~ VYBORNOV and Col SMIRNOV object categorically to the assignment of either AZOV or ZOLOTAREV to VOLOSHIN,-" declared the Chief of the RU Cadres Department. "Comrades AZOV and ZOIATAREV have been in the Group of Forces for a short time. As yet they are not really familiar with the situation,, and to transfer them to other work is not expedient." Comment: Both Col.V.P. AZOV and Col K. M. ZOWTAR3V were still assigned to the RU at HQ, GS1 J, and engaged in agent oper- ations as of-April 1956. 19 Jan 56: See pars 5- 9 Feb 56: "I request that you give instructions for sending us the personal files of Col A.P.VOLOSHIN, Col SMEMV asked the Chief of the Cadres Direatorate, Win Intelligence Direotorate. Aleksandr Dmitrieyich Sr Lt BAD SAIZUFM 19 Jan 56: See pars 5. (1S -- Locations, with the exception of KURBATOV's, are provided by other sources. 149416 aaf 23538 -il Top Secret ConSr_pi 5ecltJ AIMS COW NT ON MFU NO. dated Customers are requested in their on interest to complete this Comment Shoot as fully as possible, atd return M; u .thout delay. Please ensure that the MPU No. and date df to Report concerned are clearly shown. Please make a cross against the appropriate sentence in each of the columns. VI,TU OF THIS REFORT A of considerable value B of value C of slight value only D of no value E already sufficiently known F as yet impossible to assess POTENTIAL VI1 OF JZVFO &TION ON'T' SUBJECT 19 of considerable value X of value Y of slight value surly Z of no value ........................................................... ............_.... .. .. More information, if available, is desired (a on paras: (b) on the following subjects: No further information is required O V (a) on the subject matter of paras: LU (b) on the following subjects: ,CLhS SIi+ Designation of CustiMdr or Initials