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June 24, 2015
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August 31, 2011
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April 3, 1973
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APPROVED F_OR RELEASE^ DATE: 05-09-2011 ~3.~~?1dUR.~1i~tDL~ ~ .~'C7R : Deputy I?irecYot~ for Qpexazions SUB~CTs 1'~'.T/Chile Pre~as Regarts on 3 .e~gri.l 1973. axed CJther DeveTapman.ts I. 1-?ax~aid 5, Ganesn, the Chairman. of i:2~', testii:ed au ~ .Apxit be~t'ore the Senate ~'oreigz~ ltelatiane aubcomxxtittee can ~fultinatic~x3a.I Corporations. .Ha did not recall offering a finazrc3at eantribntio.n to Air. V'iiliam ~T. Broe for anti-~i.ti.ende activities- fluxing their July . 197i? rxieeting, i~ut .''accepted" Broe's version of tne~ir talk; Geneett then Gam~zsex~ted, .'fin any evert, the. subject ~s-as obviously dropped .. and Y did nothing i'uxtlser about it'.' (AP wire;. 2. Tb~e Z9'ashir~gkon Past o? 3' April reporfed that Genesn. "gingerly stepped aroand canExadictibns itx..previt~us testimony by X x ~ ox".ficials ~.. axed other wita~essesj' w.nile acknor~rle+dging that 1:xe twice o?f+~red large sums of mangy to the ti. S. Government iu i97Q to lalack the eiectir~n a? All+ax~da, Gsneen.said he xe~uest~ed the .3niy 1g74 xxxeeti~xg. vvitlZ a CZA official to get cuxrent in:~orxmation o~x isolittic~et dev~loprn.e~xtu in Chile, a~ad clairrsed that he did not know .he was talking. ro~itix an afficia2 axe: the clandestine aids of CI.A, when he xnet ~Ir. Brae.. Geneen ttsok the pasi- tiara that his offer aftex ~e September 197n ekactiana irras a.. "dual". o~fl'ex whf ch might have been all?oated by the iJ, S. Government toward fi- . uanciag axe anti-.Ai,lsade coalition in the Chilean Congress car z~aigh.t": bave been used ~Yar development aid. He described it acs "a ,srery c~laez~. . offar.'A Senator Cass commented tkxat. if he hail. been Allends lxe ws~uld have regaxded it as "pro.vacative. " 3. T'he Ptew 'York '~'ixsies stony area shorter aztd oxx~itted then "dua~~ _. nature of hi~- offer to the 1I.5. Govcrnrnent izt October 19?Q. zv~r: Ge.neen. ~= was aise~ reporied to knave said that agsumi.cxg"he dial make as earlier.. offer. o? ca.$h in July 1973, ft was probably an "ematiorrat reactit~~z;: to~ l~arz~ix~-g frnrcx ~3raa kh~t.the Lt.S. zaaa ptaczzxxiag no actitvu to dsrf$at~.~i:Ienda. Xn contrast tp the x~natter-of-fact cavexage of krfr. Gexresz~'s fes~mony ,err the frr~nt page of the 3`Jsa- work Times, fibers eras a~ strvr~g and anta{~+~r~istiG editoxial with the central theme that "ft is evident Lhat the G1A is con- :- tittuitag its o?a~vn foreign pali,cy." The edikorial alact $a;rs~ that."CT.AG went E2, X1,iPDirT ~riicily h~a~o~rxd a~~ lg~iki-~a.. fu~s~c~ic~oe ax~~: ai~o ~iix~.~l~s~a~. ir~cr~sdib~.e i~~~ac~za~c~a a~ 3~~s~~x ak~~u.l~ CIii1~4~ p?~ti~i~~~ ~it~~ir~~:. `} ''ize +~d[~zi~-l cra~tia~~ ~l~a~ i~ ~~carxYe~ ''pv`~t~. ~~xw imp~rt~i.~~" f~rx ria+~ 5ri~coi~~ee~ to ''~x~nn,t~ hasp ~.i~d" tseea~x~~ tst cot3~.c~dic~iu~zsec ire; ~r~. t~~~~i~..'' ~?'~' a.~tr1 . csfficial~. ~~ ~s#s lay ~x~yixx~ t~rat~ `"~ca~k~ .f~a~ ~C.A. axe i'~'~` ~a~~y ~.~~ti kla~ ~be~t ia~xes~a~. ~~ ~~. Uxut ~* ~:csrxz:~a+a:~: +~~~~e~?~ ~e~f~ ra~oi~a~~r ~r~ fir. ~3r~x~=~ y~~tirxxooyr ~ppw~ax~- ~~ .~a.~~r ~-~~,sxx~:pl3~ix~d ~r~ ~hixt~s. ~e ~ Iled ~i~ni`al of ~~~ tla~ ~Z ~fi+~r ai~e~xi:h~~} ~ fir,. Ursa' a~ ~ta-tc~sea~, ~ri~x4~ ac~.~~y doisa~ sty. ~aa+ars~ par~~abky~ ~ ~stect~ ITT `~ is~~~xra~~c~n ~~aixx~ ia~fnx~r t7F~.G. ~-ia ~a~ ~~x a~si~# ~- ca~xsrtiat3a~~+ t~ ~~, ~rca~r, ~~xi~e p~~si~t~r . . c~~a to ~p~r+~ciati.~a #,~r~ ~uri~~z d,a#~-i1~. absa~ tiZair ~al~ w~+~2ti ~a~ ~~ii~ ~v~~ridj s~a~:ix~ .itio~i e~~r~ra~s~~ gs~e~tio~~ aL ~.`~~'`~- xsit~ i Ghile~ ice. l.~}~~'~. *~'..r. ~~~x~a~ ~sit&ex- #o?~ ~. csri.~te~~ rink, o~ i~aa ~+ac~:. , i~~~e1~3:g~~e- r~xi ~ exte~xt of fix'.'s ~s~t.ti~~s~ ~~ $~t~ ~.~~a~~a~ Iz~ ~y ~~~+~, hi.~. ~s.~~i~oa~ ..ap~ea.z~ ~ y f~q,aa ~~ ~a~~a ~+sz~,~ t~I~~ ~i,a ~~,coit ~i~e~.'?~~~' did ~t a ~- $i~p~ .t+~ b~.o~l~ the cei+~tirr~ ~~ 3~it~adar ,~il+~~r ~ ~-r~~ie3s~, ~+f ~hii~ .~ ?. xti~r ~ie~ f~ ~o~i~.ri~~a ~an~~ t?~a a.~~r~~ .ter t+s ~ny~ ages c7~ ~n~~ ~c~-zze~ ire bia~lc pia ai~s~tla~ n~ ~x..1~r~d+~...'' 5. ~"~~ ~xpi~~ .~~. ~.~ t~ i~~so~~r dttrssxg t~a- ~~~~i~d ~o+~k~ of ~ . ~t1bc~'-~~..~.~+~ 3aiz-~~. ~~7-~~ ~iax~} wr~~ ~ado~ a~t,~;iia~ti~s o~ ~ ~pzfi.. i #~aa. x~.~ ye~e ~~ f~1~~ z~vi+d~+~d ~g +~? A ~i~ rus~x~ o~ p~x~---. tioxx~~ ~-~ ~~: ~~~sy ~hos~$ ~~ crxxitrait #accy tb-aC itoi~ the .~~~ axed ~ r~sc~+~~r,~~ ~~.~ by Tc~x~ ~uik:fr~y~ oaf ?~',~`T: ~~ aarli.~x te+~tcim~xi~ d+~ o~ rattled ~y ~~i~ to di~~fss~ .e~cxrax~;t~ ~~~s ~~ iii. ~~e r,~~ax~ra~d ~ i~~s~.z~ fir. ~trt~ ~d di~+~~s~d eaxii ~.~ ~ ~.~ ~s: ~.:. ~~. ~~. ~~. x~ri~ ~ii~ thext. as~c:~ ?~u?,tfo5rl+~ #~ ~~.+~ek~ a~ a .'?~i~iiat~aa.. jE,. +~u3,~~ey~, ~J'ioa +~izsxs~~ ~;~ th+~ ~~azd of ee-nda~,.:.~ai~ ~e ~a~ ~~ , .. r~~i~-+a~ any oe~ fz~+xzx ~xai;~oyi~ ~e~a~xs~ Yia ~a~ set of ~ mat ~~,.~ ~ii~:~e~. Cas~aa, ~aea~ar ~~ .~xrxp~~rate S~ppori ~~xa~e ~~ `~~-xYcl ~ra~a xpox~a~ paid hi:~ x'~cozci~ o~ $es ~s- ~~,~lle+~: '~y'~atil~~s~r~a _ ~u~ ci~~ mot .zecal.l. a~}r. ~eta3tac ~~no~t th+~ c~~vexss~.ti.+~~... H~ ~+e~ied t~~?. ~ui.'#.~cry't~ e~~r ~ai~~d ~i~ ~tt~ a plaa~ fvr ~sa~akiag; $+ooi~ :~xae~~r x~ C~hi~~s. a S~-ta~~o.~xm.~~C~x~ ita~ slr~~~sd ~xa ,;poii~y chaz~~~`* ~~.iela ~o~1d i:a~ve lr~ez~ r~~s~a~~arp faz ~.r. ~xzoa tc~ di~~.e~ s~cfi~ tk~r~ ~'it~ G~~r~rity,. 6. 3 ~.prl that they governnn~z~t ne~n-s~xager seems to be intensify#x~ crsv'erags o;E the heaaxi~g~~ vrbich~ rna}x be an 'indication fhat the gaverur~n~nt plena to play up the eases in weeks mead. An ediivrial in the gc~ver~cnenL. nevrspaper suggested that the Chilean Coxigr~ass cspen ark of the I'~T case and &hat. ~f Congress. i~-.zinwilling to do so, "a public triaunal shastl+d be sot. up t.t~ . make ~u'olic the evidence and lc~dga charges, " However, thi~i mama aggressive ling may as dtte mare to the bre~k- coznrrxi4tes investigations. own in t e new raitnd of bi~iateral tallca betweers Chips anti the tI. S. Gover:~rr~ent ra~chsr .thee revslati?n,~ coming ovt, bf t?xe U.S. Senate Sul~r- Theodore ~. 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