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� .Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 SENDER WILL CHECK CLASSIFICATION TOP AND BOTTOM I UNCLASSIFIED I CONFIDENTIAL i SECRET OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP To NAME AND ADDRESS DATE INITIALS 1 Mr. Breckinridge �-d-alv-tv --.1 2 .-,-._,_, f.-...c___ ,--- . 3 11) C�07?--- 6 4., ) c- 4,11,/ 4 3 _4 6 ACTION DIRECT REPLY PREPARE REPLY APPROVAL DISPATCH RECOMMENDATION COMMENT FILE RETURN CONCURRENCE INFORMATION 4. SIGNATURE Remarks: MHCHAOS Exhibits 1-9 Attached are two sanitized copies of MHCHAOS Exhibits 1-9 approved by which are ready for Mr. Knoche. - !.t---7' *)".' ' rs � 1.(14T-e.. \f'h\..P. \,,�of R ./.1A Y-. \,,-.4-�tC' 7 _ :._...2._.._A; ..../__.,"7:'3 / 7k----. tc., ` DDO � 7 FOLD HERE TO RETURN TO SENDER --w-CliniND PHONE NO. DATE 1 3/20/75 I UNCLASSIFItD I I CONFIDENTIAL I SECRET FORM NO. 037 Use previous editions 1-67 L. 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FOLD ,1-1ERE TO RETURN TO SENDER . c.cieslUI 7 ...ell...Ve�wse�C ft.12 a Pah 1.1-1A.VAIC taCt DATE 3/18/75 I UNCLASSIFIED I 1 CONFIDENTIAL 1 SECRET FONOI NO. 1-67 L. q37 Use previous editions 1 (40) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 'Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 4. xv.e fr ff�- Acti Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 UNCLASSIFIED : Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 . ri tONFL .JTIAL 1-1 LINLY S:CRET � ROUTING AND RECC".�) SHEET WILIECT: (Optionoi) .. � ... 10P4: ' . . , EXTENSION NO. 1758 DATE 1-1 10: (Officer designation. room number. and Wilding) DATE OFFICER'S INITIALS COMMENTS (Number each. .corn7it to show from whom be whom. Prow a lin �OSS column &tor woch commeni. ) V Kamp fORwAIMED t. DC/OPS SEIV,... TIVE The attached Chronology was prepared from information available to me in the files 2. . � . . held in I have , 3. � � - avoided any original wording unless it was necessary to paraphrase or in some instance to make cable traffic read easier. On a number of - occasions I have quoted directly. Every attempt was made to cite all Book Cables or other traffic going to stations worldwide, and in a number of instances I have selected traffic either to a single station or to several stations whenever it was apparent that the subject matter being discussed was of a policy nature and that it would apply to other stations. 4. . - s. . � 6. � 7. � - � 8. - . . . 9. . � . There are periods of time when no policy guidance appears to have been sent to the field; there may be cor- respondence which was not in- cluded in any,of the volumes which were reviewed in cm- piling this Chronology.- . M. . .�- ii. . . . . ; 12.- . 13. � � . . � � 14. . . . _. ' 71T 13. SE � SENS TIVE FORM L A USE WE viOUS INTERNAL JWI 14.2 uiu ONS 0 SECRET 0 CONFIDENTIAL USE 0141.1( 0 UNCLASSIFIED (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 � orrinrr � Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 SETNIVE CHRONOLOGY OF SIGNIFICANT MHCHAOS CORRESPONDENCE 1. The first piece of official correspondence available is a memorandum dated IS August 1967 from the Deputy Director for Plans, Mr. Thomas Karamessines, to the Chief of the Counter Intelligence Staff. The memorandum states that, based on the discussion with the Director this date (15 August 1967), the Chief CI is requested to take the following steps: SL Designation of the officers in the CI Staff who will be the responsible focal points and coordina- tors of operational activity in this matter. (Harry Rositzke and Dick Ober appear to be excellent candi- dates, as you suggested.) "b. The exclusive briefing of specific division chiefs and certain selected officers in each division, on the aims and objectives of this intelligence collec- tion program with definite domestic counterintelligence aspects. "c. The establishment of some sort of system by Dick Ober (or whatever officer you select) for the orderly coordination of the operations to be conducted, with the responsibility for the actual conduct of the operations vested in the specific area divisions. (b Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 "d. The identification of a limited dissemination' procedure which will afford these activities high opera- tional security while at the same time getting the in- formation to the appropriate departments and agencies which have the responsibility domestically. "e. The establishment of a periodic reporting system, preferably monthly, to gauge progress in the enterprise." Additionally, it suggests that a cryptonym be assigned so that cable traffic can be handled on a limited basis and it further requests that an interim report be made by 31 October on the steps taken to get into position to implement this program. � (Tab A DDP memorandum dated 15 August 1967) � 2. A 17 August memorandum from DC/CI Staff to Chief, concerns the subject of special handling of cor- 0:0(3) respondence on concerns the "inter- . 0:0(3) departmental survey of international connections of the anti- Vietnam War movement in the U.S. with the aim of establishing the nature and extent of illegal and subversive connections that may exist between U.S. organizations and activists in- volved and Communist, Communist front or other anti-American" and foreign elements abroad.) It directs that all corres- pondence bearing the slug be delivered unopened to the Chief of the Area Divisions concerned and advises that the (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 7 1,71Alti-1 Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 liOlual S�41 ��� � ��� Division Chief mill be responsible for disseminating informa- tion copies to Chief, CI Staff and the DDP. (Tab B memorandum from DC/CI to Chief, 3. A second memorandum also dated 17 August 1967, from , DC/CI Staff to the Cable Secretariat, covered the cable distribution for sensitive (Tab C memorandum dated 17 August 1967) (b)(3) project material. (b)(3) 4. On 29 August 1967 Director Richard Helms received a letter from the Executive Director of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, Mr. David Ginsburg, explaining that the Commission was trying to collect available informa- tion on civil disorders occurring within the preceding two years and requesting Mr. Helms to designate someone to work � with the Commission. On 1 September 1967 Mr. Helms replied that the Agency stood ready to do whatever it could to help and pointing out that "we do not have direct responsibilities for domestic security and therefore do not conduct, here in the United States, the kinds of activity which could produce � the information in which you are interested. Nevertheless, there is some limited material which has come to us from abroad and which can conceivably be of interest to you." (Tab D copy of correspondence cited) S. Instructions tamed in a were con- able dated 31 August 1967 which S ec'Ai TI � (b)(1) (b)(3) (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 CMITnir Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 � specifically authorized by 'Finally, it instructs that the message be destroyed after reading. (Tab L 6. A memorandum for the record dated 31 October 1967, subject "International Connections of the U.S. Peace Move- ment" was prepared by Richard Ober of the CI Staff and advised that the Agency "is to prepare an independent study on the International Connections of the United States Peace Movement. This Study, which was requested by the President, is to in- clude information from all sources. It will include the names of all individuals in the United States Peace Movement who have connections of any kind with Soviets, Communists, or any foreign persons or organizations." The memorandum further advises that on 31 October 1967 Chief CI Staff laid down the requirements and responsibilities of the Clandestine Services in contributing to this study. It advised that present at that meeting were Mr. Angleton, Chief, CI Staff; Deputy Chief, CI Staff; r Chief Deputy Chief LJfor Mr. Rositzke); Richard Ober, CI The memo further delineates areas of responsibility, indicating that the Deputy Director for Intelligence would be responsible for writing the study, CI Staff would be responsible for pulling together all the information available in the Clandestine . Sc RET � CrNSI 1VF Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 tr- Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 � Services and making it available to the DDI. CI Staff would also have the responsibility for obtaining all information available to the Office of Security and through its liaison channels obtaining all pertinent information from other agen- cies, including the FBI, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Secret Service, Defense Department, Army, Navy and Air Force. It further cites by name individuals in the Clan- destine Services who have been identified to the DDI as being involved in this effort. It then concludes with a breakdown of the responsibilities within CI Staff. (Tab F memorandum for the record, dated 31 October 1967) 7. A memorandum for the record dated 1 November 1967 written by Richard Ober is an account of the initial meet- ing between DDP and DDI representatives concerning the "Peace Movement Study." The memorandum explains that the DCI has indicated that the study should be broad in scope, i.e., to include organizations which, although not themselves peace� organizations, are affiliated with the overall peace movement. The memorandum covers the procedures that each of the Direc- torates would follow and where areas of responsibility lie. It states that the DDP is considering sending a book message to field stations and asked the DD/OCI representative to draft requirements to be considered by the DDP. It notes 6 SEfET SENSI VE Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 �� Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 that: the Director of OCI, reiterated that although the President did not set a deadline, that the DCI and the DDI had agreed upon two weeks. (Tab G memorandum for the record dated 1 November 1967) 8.. The first instructions to the field were in a 2 Novem- ber 1967 Book Cable from the Acting DDP Cord Meyer, released by the DCI Mr. Helms and authenticated by Mr. Angleton, Chief, CI, and coordinated by other senior officers. The Book Cable carries the Rybat indicators and advises that Head- quarters is participating in alligh-level interdepartmental survey of international connections of the anti-Vietnam War movement in the U.S. and that the purpose of the study is to establish the nature and extent of illegal and subversive connections that may exist between U.S. organizations or activi- ties involved and Communist, Communist-front, or other anti- American foreign elements abroad. Such connections might range from contacts based merely on mutual interests to closely controlled channels for party directives. It advises that information collected by other agencies is being tapped, in addition to our own files and it requests a current check on station holdings, particularly on recent activity related to the 15-21 October demonstrations. It asks addressees to can- vass info on file or otherwise readily available and to cable a summary of the findings plus any comments the station might Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 � Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 � '. Consider relevant. It adds that coverage should be limited to evidence of contacts by elements of the U.S. peace move- ment with foreign groups or individuals. (Tab H Book Cable 49260) 9. On ZS June 1968 a multistation message was sent to certai cators Rybat level Agency/FBI stations by DDP Karamessines with the indi- It advised that recent high- discussions have underscored the need for 'increased coverage of the activities abroad of individuals. It adds that the primary interest is any evi- dence of foreign guidance, control, training or financial support. (Tab I DIR 11227) 10. On 3 July 1968 the DDP sent a Book Cable 13667 to almost all stations and bases abroad with the Rybat MHCHAOS indicator. It states that Headquarters is engaged in a sensi- tive, high-priority program concerning foreign contacts with U.S. %Individuals and organizations of the radical left. In- cluded in this category are radical students, anti-Vietnam War activists, draft resisters and deserters, black nation- alists, anarchists and assorted new leftists. The objective is to discover the extent to which Soviets, Chicoms, Cubans and other Communist countries are exploiting our domestic problems in terms of subversion and espionage. Of particular .���� � SEC ET � SENS1 Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 ' Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 Interest is new evidence of foreign direction, control, train- ing or funding of any of these radical left groups. It ad- vises that this program has been assigned to Chief, CI and it outlines the special handling procedures which have been established. It also informs field stations that have been superceded by ITHCHAOS and should no longer be used. (Tab J Book Cable 13667) 11. On 10 July 1968 the DDP sent a cable to Domestic Operations Bases in the United States. The cable repeats the text of the Director Book Cable 13667 cited above as Tab J, and requires that each Base Chief discuss the subject matter in the first paragraph with his FBI counterpart. It advises that FBI reps should be urged to refer to his Head- quarters any leads which CIA can exploit abroad including Cuba travel. The bases were also advised to simultaneously report to Headquarters where formal coordination with the * FBI will be undertaken. (Tab K DIR 15037) _ 12. On 11 July 1968 Chief of the European Division released a cable tc liblicl=rnefamucekeetreerrrl3t61/, j�nfreaeegrs=ae�sta,t4ozv-athet .tkeczraf,e:r:jiaacas�end;) reemphasizahigh U.S. government interest in the category of co11ection1thr�af-speo4e4mvdrm 9 SEC SENSI VE (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 CFNRITIVF Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 The purpose of the cable is tcr ODA stimulate new operational activity aimed at this tar et. It advises .kl,lat the priority of this effort dictat s that it be made the subject of special exhortations It explains that th information objective should''V to "identify and repor on any mechanism directly' serving MHCHAOS activi ies in the U.S., attracting and harboring deserters, suhrting and equip- % lug riots and civil ditturbances anf providing liaison or I guidance between other foreign Communist groups and U.S. .Ns 11 leftist activists." The m6 sage also points out that Head- quarters realizes that this jequireinent theoretically crosses lines with the FBI liaiso but adds that we have recently been sured by 1B Headquarters that their .liaison on this subj t dealt with -i�dividual cases d4ng that the FBI is leaving that ield to us. It suggests conference with the FBI repre ntative to confirm ground rule with respect to FBI cove age. Finally, it explains that what ,Vwe need now is m e evidence to under- take w operational activity specifically designed t derive inf rmation we need in the priority program." (Tab L 13. On 7 August 1968 the DCI released a cable 10 S ET SENS! VE (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(1) � (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 which requested-the station to proceed as soon as possible with an approach in accordance with the (b)(3) guidelines stated in the body of the cable and in accordance with instructions contained in Tab J and Tab L. The cable advises that CIA must be responsible for liaison (b)(3) on all MHCHAOS matters and that this position (b)(3) has been made clear to FBI Headquarters. It recognizes that the FBI would prefer to reserve unto itself exclusive responsibility on certain of (b)(3) these matters. It states that FBI Headquarters has been informed that CIA will not accept any limitation on its liaison and that we are willing to (b)(3) duplicate reports to the Bureau if (b)(3) (b)(3) supply It instructs the station to inform (b)(3) the FBI that you are discussing matters (b)(3) on instructions from Headquarters, that you will (b)(3) to CIA information on these matters in- (b)(3) provide cluding and that Headquarters (b)(3) will pass to FBI Headquarters any pertinent information re- -� ceived (Tab M DIR 22859) 14. A Book Cable dated 22 May 1969 was a special channel message to field and domestic stations and bases. -It concerned handling of all MHCHAOS traffic, advising that . 11 (b)(3) SENS1 Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 rhirikt MITI1 Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 -:.=tt :is to be transmitted by "Restricted Handling" channels ,-mnly...andAhat due to the extreme sensitivity of all MHCHAOS matters, field stations and bases are asked to keep MUCHAOS -...traffic under the direct control of the Chief of Station or the Chief of Base. (Tab. N remorandum to the Director of Communications � May_1.9.5; from the DDP requests restricted handling fTroject MHCHAOS traffic for all stations worldwide. The ...tmemorandum cites the releasing authorities, it identified _individuals by name who may pick up and deliver traffic, and it assigns after-hour duty responsibility for this (Subsequently, similar memoranda were sent to the �Director of Communications whenever new people were given _related responsibilities.) (Tab 0 memorandum dated 20 May 1969) 16. A memorandum for the record dated 29 May 1969 by Richard Ober subject is procedures for the restricted handling Rybat MHCHAOS traffic and states that on instructions from �t.ite-DDP, Rybat MHCHAOS cable traffic was switched into re- ,nstricted ham4ling channels on 23 May 1969. The memorandum . then goes on to explain the procedures which would apply with ...-.sespect to handling the traffic. (Tab P is memorandum dated '19 May 1969) - 17. An undated memorandum from the Deputy Director for Plans to the Director of Communications established restricted 12 RET SENS1 (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 MI Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 CO1481982 �-� handling processing for material or traffic. as established to handle communications between the CIA Special Operations Group and the Pedcral ' re:2 gation. The memorandum also identified the releasing authori- ties as well as the individuals by name who were authorized to pick up or deliver traffic and the officers to be contacted after duty hours in order of preference. (Tab Q is from DDP to Director of Communications) 18. � Headquarters cable dated 29 May 1969 memorandum to continue to forward MHCHAOS information to Head- quarters only, adding that if queried they may advise the FBI representative that this is in accordance with instructions received from Headquarters. It also points out that the Agency has been advised by the FBI liaison officer that the Bureau restriction was prepared at the Agency's request and it was being sent to all FBI representatives abroad advising them that MHCHAOS requirements going to countries where there is no FBI representative will in the future be sent via CIA channels only. gab R 19. On 20 June 1969 Mr. Tom Huston, Staff Assistant to the President, wrote a memorandum for the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence in which he stated that the President had directed that a report on foreign Communist support of revolutionary protest movements be prepared for his study. SEC _ SENSIT1 (b)(3) (b)(3) s(b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 ~1.1. � Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 4 ' .He advised thaf"support" should be liberally construed to include all activities by foreign communists designed to encourage or assist revolutionary protest movements in the United States. He added that the President would like to know what resources were targeted toward monitoring foreign communist support of revolutionaryryouth activities in this country, what gaps in intelligence exist because of either inadequate resources or a low priority of attention, and what steps should be taken, if the President directed, to provide the maximum possible coverage of these activities. The Agency's contribution was requested by 30 June.- Mr. Huston added that he was particularly interested in the Agency response to the second part of the President's request, e.g., its present ability to collect information of this type. He added that the President had assigned a high priority to this project and stated that he knew that the Agency would render .the utmost assistance in its preparation. On 30 June 1969 General Cushman, Acting Director of Central Intelligence, replied to Mr. Huston attaching a special report on foreign communist support to revolutionary protest movements in the United States. (Tab S contains copies of this correspondence) 20. On 21 June 1969 Headquarters sent a cable advising. that Headquarters has been working with the FBI liaison officer for months in order _ 14 S .RET SENS IVF Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 b.gult. Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 OL111014 it � to arrive at a procedure which will permit most effective and secure handlir.7 ia t: L1d 1iile at the same time insure that CIA's coverage of the milcHAos tar- get abroad are fully protected. This correspondence states that with regard to MHCHAOS matters the Agency is held responsible by the White House for'all foreign coverage. 4Ww Heft remariatWbIrSImrrm .which.papesented�the.-Agencr's-"p bgrteT Orr as-i-formul at eebruthe .Diamiskipac. (Tab T 22. On 8 July 1969 a Headquarters cable was sent to certain stations.- This cable provided guidance to those stations where an FBI representative was assigned. It pro- vides a status report of Agency/FBI relations on coverage of MUCHAOS matters with foreign liaison services. It advises the field that the Agency is held responsible by the White Housb for all foreign coverage of MHCHAOS matters �and must, therefore, retain complete freedom of action to collect from foreign liaison services and dissAminate any information so acquired at the Agency's discretion. The cable points � out that "in practical terms, this means that we cannot abdicate to FBI representatives abroad by giving them exclu- sive responsibility for handling MHCHAOS requirements with � liaison, either in crash situations or on routine traces." (Tab V � (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 � Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 22: On 14 July 1969 a cable was sent which commended the Station's intentions to greatly increase its effort to cc-;r tho 7..:lating out that this is in accord wit% current very hi,-;h priority of target. It also concurs that key assets should be unilateral and adds that Hqs wishes to encourage the Station to make full use of liaison whenever most appropriate. It requests -appropriate station comments regarding use of liaison, etc. (Tab W 23. On 1.August 1969 a Headquarters cable advised Station that all dissemination and liaison with the Bureau and other Agencies with respect to MHCHAOS matters would be done CTab W 24. On 16 August 1969 at Headquarters unless otherwise specified. that in the future they should call Veadquarterst attention to reporting on PBRAMPART operations of potential MHCHAOS interest and that this should be done via the MHCHAOS cable channel. (Tab X (b)(1) (b)(3) � (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(1) � (b)(3) (b)(3) 25. .0n 19 September 1969 Headquarters expressed appre- ciation For the recap and individual (b)(1) (b)(3) reports received on various (0)(1) (b)(3) Black Panther Party (BPP) activities in the hich (0)(i) (b)(3) 16 SECT SENS1T1 Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 AXO of high inarest at this time. It further advises that Headquarters has already disseminated some information con- cerning these activities to the highest level of U.S. govern- ment and it anticipates further such reports in the near future. It asks the Chief of Station to reread dated 8 July 1969 for basic policy guidance concerning Agency reporting responsibilities on MHCHAOS information collected abroad from foreign liaison services and it adds that in light of the above guidance, the Station should immediately contact the FBI representative and advise him that although he may send liaison reports to his Headquarters, he should advise his Headquarters that such reports are for their information only and not for further dissemination, since all disseminations of this nature will be handled by Agency Headquarters to FBI Headquarters. (Tab X . 26. In a September 1969 memorandum to the Deputy Directors, Director Helms said that he had "recently, reviewed the Agency's efforts to monitor those international activities of radical and black militants which may effect the national security. I believe that we have the proper approach in discharging this sensitive responsibility, while strictly observing the statutory and de facto procriptions on Agency domestic involvements." 17 SKR SENSITIVE (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(1) (b)(3) (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 � RFNRITIVE Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 The Director went on to say that he appreciates: that "there are several components within the Clandestine Service with a legiti- mate operational interest in the radical milieux. At the same time, it should be understood that Mr. Ober's Special Operations Group of CI Staff has the principal operational responsibility for coordinating and developing operations to collect informa- tion on aspects of activities abroad which have a direct bearing on U.S. radical and black militant movements." Among other -things the memorandum goes on to request the cooperation of all elements. cub Z - DCI memorandum) 27. On 27 September 1969 Headquarters responded to a- hich had forwarded an explanation regarding the handling of information. Headquarters points out that as a general guideline in handling future reports received by the Station from liaison, they should send them to Headquarters for formal passage to Bureau Headquarters * even if-the original request for the information to the (b)(1) (b)(3) (b)(1) (b)(3) liaison had been made by the FBI. (Tab AA (b)(1) (b)(3) . 28. On 20 October 1969 a message to (b)(3) (D)(1) (b)(3) I�leadquarters informed the Stations that in order (b)(1) to "help achieve desired maximum exploitation of existing (b)(3) sources and development of new sources for coverage of the MHCHAOS target, suggest that you discuss our high interest � 18 S RET SENS 'VE Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 or1oCIT1Alc Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982' in the MHCHAOS field It adds that (b)(1) in addition to arranging for a systematic coverage of the (b)(3) MHCHAOS target in your area, we are particularly interested in exploring the possibility of the providing (b)(1) (b)(3) (Tab BB 49. On 7 November 1969 in a cable to numerous Sta- tions, Headquarters sent information concerning the Inter- national Liaison Committee (ILC) of the Stockholm Conference on peace in Vietnam and its meeting of 11-12 October 1969. It points out that as .a result of the ongoing "Fall Offensive" of these organizations and other related efforts in the U.S. � and abroad, that it is a major interest by top government officials in details of any foreign support, inspiration and/ or guidance to such an offensive. It requires reporting % -and points out that "Reporting should include coverage of travel contacts and activities in your area by any Americans Involved in "Fall offensive organizational activity." It � suggests that selected assets should try to elicit info on plans � and programs in the United States as well as on any foreign aspects. (Tab CC 30. On 9 March 1970 a cable was sent to selected foreign stations and domestic bases concerning the FBI/Agency relation- (b)(3) 19 SE RET SENS WE Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 �- orriciTniC Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 7.1l.:1;;"4.4r.7r41, � '!���,.. - � . The cabre was released by Director Helms and it explains -;;4'i'aldWilmcideirt-which led to the disruption of personal liaison -the Agency and tha FBI. (Tab DD DIR 015676) - 31. On 20 narch 1970 Director Helms sent a telegram to the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The 7------suirje.ct-oftlat telegram was "Selected radical developments �--and -distArrirances, student agitation and antiwar activity in 'The cable advises the Bureau that since 24 February :1970the Agency has not received teletype reports from the '-Bureau on the above subject. It adds that the reports are of value to the Agency in fulfilling its counterintelligence ssion-abroad and in protecting the security of its instal- ---lutiens -in the U.S. It requests that the Director be advised if such reports are still being prepared by the FBI and if so, � --requests that the Agency continue to receive them on a regular -tasis. (Tab EE DIR 019112) :32. On 13 July 1970 a memorandum to the Cable Secre- --"teriirt-covers the subject of an amendment of or MHCHAOS. (b)(3) -r-c------tt-serinests-that current procedures for NHCHAOS be amended -� ----toirrovide that messages received by the Cable Secretariat �7�bearing the slug MHCHAOS be returned to the Signal Center ---'---end-not.--given any distribution by the Cable Secretariat. (Tab FF 13 July 70 memorandum to Cable Sec) � -33. On 10 August 1970 a Book Dispatch was sent to the 20 CRET SENSITIVE Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 . OrMOITII/C Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 _ Chiefs of Station and Bases covering the subject of restricted handling channel =essages. 34. On 1 October 1970 a message was sent Station advising the Station that "In accordance with past policy. Headquarters does not wish to become engaged with in propaganda operations involving MHCHAOS." cable was sent in response iiich requested Headquarters guidance in this field. (Tab HH 33. On 17 December 1970 a cable to selected stations provided guidance to those stations where a Bureau repre- sentative was assigned. The cable gives current status of Headquarters arrangements with the FBI on coverage of MHCHAOS matters with foreign liaison services. It explains that Headcuarters has been working with the FBI liaison officer for a number of months in order to arrive at procedures which will permit the most effective and secure handling in the field while at the same time insuring that CIA's responsi- bilities for coverage of this target abroad are fully pro- tected. It reiterates that the Agency is held responsible by the White House for all foreign coverage of any MHCHAOS matters and must, therefore, retain complete freedom of 21 S PET RFN. TIVF This (b)(3) (b)(1) (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 SENS! 11V, Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 action to collect from liaison services and to disseminate any information so acquired at the Agency's discretion. The cable further goes on to enumerate Director Helm's policy cited in paragraph 13 above and proceeds to repeat that policy and advises that it is still valid. (Tab II 36. In a 5 August 1971 memorandum for Chief, FE Opera- tions the subject of briefing of an OMB team is discussed. It advises that the OMB visitors to the FE area in the period 19 August through 19 September are not aware of the MHCHAOS program and should not be made ware of it during the FE Division briefing-to be held in the near future. (Tab JJ is August memorandum) 37. On 10 August 1971 Headquarters advised certain �The cable advises the Chiefs of Station to be forthcoming with the two representatives in terms of the Station Operations Directive (OD), program, targets and size of the official cover station, adding that if possible avoid details of Station budget and specific 22 . SECRET SENSI (b)(3) (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 Approved 1;7-Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 � � g'i�-` "4%, - 4.� 4 7. � : .* � � . � � . � � ..� operations. On 12 August 1971 Headquarters sent an additional cable in an attempt to clarify the instructions contained in the 10 August cable citing that use of the term OD should be avoided. It suggests that they talk in terms of program, targets, and size of official cover station, adding that if has legitimate budget questions they should be answered frankly and to the best of the Station's ability. With respect to operational matters the Chief of Station should not give specific de- tails as to sources and methods and it adds that does not expect such details. Directly related to the two above-cited cables, ktsked Headquarters if the subjects are aware of MHCHAOS and should it be discussed. On 10 Sep- tember cablv Headquarters sent a message again to the same named citing the 10 August and 12 August Director and it advised that "Subjects are not aware of MHCHAOS and this subject should not be dis- cussed with them. If MHCHAOS is raised they should be re- ferred to Headquarters for answers." It also suggests that Headquarters be alerted through restricted handling channels if MHCHAOS matters do arise. (Tab KK DIR 168970, DIR 169910, 1201 and . 38. On 5 October 1971 Headquarters sent a cable cover- ing guidance to the Station where a Bureau representative .23 SE ET r tv (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(1) (b)(3) (b)-(1�)3) (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 rt�.; , ormr..071:-4"' ���� ,:,-"Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C014819824::-. � is assigned. The substance of this cable has been previously weer cited in paragraph 35 above. (Tab LL 39. On 12 January 1972 quarters was unable to locate advised Head- in Station files a definition of the cryptonym ISICHAOS, adding that though the meaning is generally clear, Station desires an exact defini- tion. Headquarters responded to this cable on 14 January 1972 that MHCHAOS "Concerns a highly sensitive Agency foreign clandestine counterintelligence collection program, traffic concerning which must be transmitted by restricted handling channels only. The program objective is collection of information abroad on foreign involvement with U.S. extremists. The targeting is on Soviet, Chicom, Cuban, North Vietnamese, North Korean and Arab Fedayeen subversive involvement." (b)(3) (b)(1) (b)(3) -(Tab MM M(1) /111/!11 40.. On 13 March 1972 advised Head- M(1) M(3) quarters that the regional security officer had been asked for a name check on U.S. citizens by the Department of State via State cable 037337 dated 3 March 1972. It adds that as part of the local name check process the RSO submits the. name to the Station. It explains that the Station has refused to respond to any trace requests on U.S. citizens unless there is some compelling reason to do so, adding 24 SECRET SENSI 1VE Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 OLtioi is vs.. -:�f-Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 � - that no such case has arisen to date. It explains that the 'Station refusal is based on their understanding that it is Agency policy that field stations will not pass in- formation on U.S. citizens to any other Agency in the field and will report derogatory security information on U.S. citizens in special channel only. It requests that Station be advised if Station's understanding is correct. Headquarters responded 16 March 1972 that it is normal State Department procedure to ask the RSO to name trace American citizens with CIA field installations, adding that even if a request for. Agency traces is not specifically stated in the State message; the RSO can ask for it. It explains that if Station or Base files contain derogatory information on an American citizen, the RSO should be told .to ask his Headquarters to query Agency Headquarters through established channels. It � cites FR-51-1 as the applicable regulation. It further ex- plains that if the Station has non derogatory information on U.S. citizens, it should not be withheld without reason. Crab MM 41. On 3 July 1972 Headquarters informed on (b)(1) (b)(3) that Headquarters viewed the New Left as a valid though not a priority requirement for clandestine intelligence collection effort. It adds that we Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 5--Approved for Release: 20-17/61/18 C01481.9-82:,:-4-;". .. desire to continue routine monitoring of New Left activities in order to keep interested U.S. government agencies informed and to maintain a residual counteraction capability for pos- sible future use. It explains that this applies to the New Left as defined broadly, adding that as an exception there is a very high priority Agency requirement for collection of information on New Left groups, individuals who advocate/engage in acts of violence/terrorism particularly with respect to their connections in other countries. (Ta NN DI 2 1) (b)(1) 42. On 9 February 1973 in a cable to Head- (b)(3) quarters provides the Station with the results of its periodic review of the Station's MHCHAOS collections/reporting efforts. It advises that it is based on the current sit- uation insofar as it is known in relation to hostile foreign exploitation of/support to/involvment in domestic U.S. (including Puerto Rico) extremists or in relation to (Tab 00 43. In a memorandum to the Deputy Directors, dated 29 Au- gust 1973, the Director, Mr. William Colby discussed the subject of questionable activities - he advised that he had developed specific instructions on each reported activity. The Director added that the instructions "are included in the attachments to this memorandum, and have the force of specific direction to you to pass on to appropriate subordinates the instructions 26 SECR SENSITi E (b)(1) (b)(3) (b)(1)b)(3) (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 � Approved for for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 outlined." The memorandum adds that separate packages of these � instructions "are being developed for each Directorate in order to respect the sensitivity of some of the activities discussed, including those which are deemed quite appropriate within CIA's charter." The memorandum adds that should any element encount_tz any difficulties in terms of implementation or compliance that the subject be raised directly with Mr. Colby. It concludes by requesting recommendations for modification or additions to Agency regulations. 4ttached to the Director's memorandum was a memorandum on the subject of MHCHAOS with a description of what that program concerns. (Tab tin - The two above cited memoranda) 44. On 5 March 1974 Director Colby released a cable to all Field Stations and Bases advising them of the termination of the MHCHAOS program and providing guidelines under which Headquarters has been operating for some time on certain acti- vities formerly included in MHCHAOS. (Tab RR DIR 8786) 45. On 5 March 1974 a memorandum was sent to the Cable Secretary via the Deputy Director for Operations on the subject of distribution of cables bearing the cryptonym which superceded project MHCHAOS. (Tab SS - 5_March 1974 -memorandum) . 46. On 15 March 1974 a cable was sent to Domestic Bases, it referenced - the cable repeated that the MHCHAOS 27 SE 71 SEN SiT VE (b)(3) (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 rir.eittWrIt tr Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982 n � , program has been terminated and that the MECHAOS channel has been discontinued. It went on to provide guidance on the re- porting of information on U.S. citizens. (Tab Ti' 28 SELFT ,RFNSIT E � Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01481982