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December 28, 2022
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August 7, 2017
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May 23, 1973
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Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01482428 � 23 May 1973 I-1CRAE:1DM F. THE RECORD SUBJECT Contact with M David Young Formerly of 14hite House Staff 1. The -tric'ersigned had one personal contact with Mr. Young, which occurred on Satnrday morning, 16 September 1972. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes (roughl)from 12:00 noon to 12:30 P.M. on that date) and took place in th/ follow-Iry circumstances. (a) On that Saturday morning, the DCI Duty Officer was Sometime before 12:00 noon received a telephone call from Mr. Young during which the latter complained about an Rileged "security leak" to the press from either the Central Intelligence Agency or the Defense Intelligence Agency. Specifically, Mr. Yorrg- referred to a Dan Rather (CBS) broadcast of 15 September which allegedly contained a whole series of leaks �� � including a report that both the CIA and the. DIA had informed the President that the bombing and mining campaign against North Vietnam had not cut off Hanoils supply lines to its forces in the south. Dan Rather, in his broadcast, attributed part of his information to an earlier story by-Tad Szulc of the New York Times. (A transcript of the Dan Rather broadcast is attached at TAB A.) (b) The above description of this telephone call was given to me orally by after the fact. also told me that in the same telephone call Mr. Young had requested a complete list of all individuals, by name, who had access to any of our reports which miFht have been the basis of this leak. Mr. Young further informed that be was Poing to COME) out to the CIA building in Langley to talk to and asked to have the requested.infmination ready for him. (c) After 'flaYing finished his t'elaohone conversation 7,rith Young, called Mx-. Eduard Proctor, who was on duty in the office of the DDI that Saturday. Mr. Proctor, in turn, called the undersigned, who was the SAVA arty Officer, and asked the undersigned to determine what CIA report or reports might have provided the information in the alleged leak, and who had received copies of any such report or reports. Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01482428 Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01482428 � 2 � (d) The .requested information was readily available, and I took it to Mr, Fractal-3s office. Be and I both proceeded directly to who was sitting in the Directorls. office. At that uaint explained to that the Dan. Rather broadcast was based in part on an earlier TO Szulc article, a'nfi that we had already' sent a memorandum to the Director (and to the Director of Security) in which we described three Agency reports from which the Tad Szulc leak might have come. I gave a copy of this memorandum to Mr. and told him that the same three "Agency reports were also the only ones from which the Dan Rather "leakil could have come. This memorandum frorvSAVA to the Director also listed all individuals outside the Agency who had. received copies of tha three reports. After reading the menwranaum and discussing' it briefly with ma, asked me to remain with him and participate in the discussion with Mr. Young, and I agreed. Mr. Proctor_thenreturned to his own office, and.to_the-,best of my knowledge was not ftirther I the incident. (Atached at TB B is -a copy of the. SIVA memorandum to the Director dest:rited .above. Also at T.2-B B are a copy of the_buckslip under_whiChthe memorandum was sent to the Director of Security:,, and_a_couy_of the New York Times article by-Tad ' Ssulc.) � (e) Nr. Young arrived shortly thereafter. and I explained to him that the Agency had already made a thorough check of its reporting in view of the possibility of a "leak n in the earlier Tad Szulc article, and that Dan Rather by his own statement had obtained the information which he had attributed to CIA from the Sznlc article. We than allowed Mr. Young to read the SAVA memorandum to the Director which is attached at TAB B. My recollection is that Mr. /oUng took _notes from this memorandum., but that he did not take a copy away with him, I am not, however, certain that my memory is correct on this point. (f) Mr.. /bung thPn requested that we provide him with the names of all individuals within the 3.genc7 who had worked on or 1-lad access to any of the three recarts described in the SAVA memorandum to the Director, was reluctant to provide such a list, and. for several minutes there was an exchange between him and Mr. Yoling on the propriety of our providing a list of analysts' names. Finally we compromised and gave Mr. Young the names of the heads of the offices within CIA which had been involved Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01482428 " Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01482428 � 3 � in preparing the reports. To the best of my recollection, the names which we provided were: ,Mr. Edward Proctor Mr-. Paul a sa Mr. Richard Lehman Mr, John Huizenga Mr. Maurice Ernst My own name, of course, was also given to Mr. Young. Mr. Young then indicated that he might contact the Director on the following Monday in an effort to obtain more names. The meeting ended amicably at that point, and Mr. Young departed. (g) The following day, 17 September 1972 wrote a very brief note concerning this incident to and the rrdersigned. In this note (see TAB C) indicated that he was going to discuss the incident with the iremor on Monday, 18 September. I do not know whether he did or did not do so. I also do not know whether Mr. Young ever contacted any Agency repzesentative again on this subject. 2. I have had no other contacts, before or since Mr. David Young, i Approved for Release: 2017/01/18 C01482428