Exemptions (FOIA)

(b)(1) Applies to material which is properly classified pursuant to an Executive Order in the interest of national defense or foreign policy.

(b)(2) Applies to information which pertains solely to the internal rules and practices of the Agency.

(b)(3) Applies to the Director's statutory obligations to protect from disclosure intelligence sources and methods, as well as the organization, functions, names, official titles, salaries, or numbers of personnel employed by the Agency, in accord with the National Security Act of 1947 and the CIA Act of 1949, respectively.

(b)(4) Applies to information such as trade secrets and commercial or financial information obtained from a person on a privileged or confidential basis.

(b)(5) Applies to inter- and intra-agency memoranda which are advisory in nature.

(b)(6) Applies to information release of which would constitute an unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy of other individuals.

(b)(7) Applies to investigatory records, release of which could (C) constitute an unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy of others, (D) disclose the identity of a confidential source, (E) disclose investigative techniques and procedures, or (F) endanger the life or physical safety of law enforcement personnel.