Your Rights

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Freedom Of Information Act provides access to "reasonably described" government records.

The Privacy Act (PA)

The Privacy Act provides access to government records concerning you (that is, records indexed to your name) and regulates the government's collection, maintenance, and dissemination of your information.

The Executive Order 13526 (EO)

Under this Executive Order the public can request review of specific documents for declassification and release to the public.

Updates to Executive Order 13526:

Improving Agency Disclosure of Information

Plan and Report of the Central Intelligence Agency Submitted to the Attorney General of the United States and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget In Compliance with Executive Order 13392.

This report is the response of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to Section 2(b) of Executive Order 13392 which requires the Chief Freedom of Information Act Officer of each federal agency subject to the FOIA to develop an "agency-specific plan to ensure that the agency's administration of the FOIA is in accordance with applicable law and the policies set forth in section 1 of this Order."

CIA Files Updated Status Report on Implementing Executive Order 13392

Updated Status Report From the Central Intelligence Agency Concerning Reported Deficiencies in Implementing Executive Order 13,392, "Improving Agency Disclosure of Information" 1 August 2007

This report updates the progress the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has made implementing its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) improvement plan required by Executive Order 13,392, "Improving Agency Disclosure of Information." The report conforms to the template the Department of Justice provided online in "Guidance on Submitting Updated Status Reports to the President's Management Council."

Frequently requested records and Special Collections

Agency records already declassified under the FOIA or the EO made available electronically to the public without cost at this site or prepared as unclassified and intended for public distribution.