CIA's Clandestine Services: Histories of Civil Air Transport

This collection represents the public release for some of the most closely held activities in CIA history concerning one of the most controversial operations in American history.  Within this collection, you will find excerpts of the CIA's Clandestine Services Histories of Civil Air Transport (CAT) - the precursor to Air America.  The Histories were written by Alfred T. Cox who was named the President of CAT when CIA acquired it.  He guided both the covert operations side and the public commercial side of the airline for a number of years.  As the name suggests, these histories are normally not released in any form to the public.  The booklet released along with this collection contains pictures of the men and women who dedicated their lives to keeping the airline afloat through good times and bad.  These people became a family in the early days and, although many of the founding members have passed on, the CAT community remains committed to the memory of the enormous accomplishments they and their families achieved with this airline.

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