"We do usually operate in the shadows, out of sight and out of mind. Our successes are often obscured, our failures are often painfully visible, and our sacrifices are often unknown … We have a profound obligation to protect agents and officers who risk their lives in support of our mission, which is to help protect Americans. But I’m convinced, as I know you are, that in our democracy, where trust in institutions is in short supply, that it’s more important to try to explain ourselves as best we can and to demystify a little bit of what we do."

September 22, 2022
Season 1 Episode 1

CIA Director, Bill Burns, Brings the Agency Out from the Shadows

At CIA, there are truths we can share and stories we can tell. Stories of duty and dedication. Stories of ingenuity and mission. Stories beyond those of Hollywood scripts and shadowed whispers. Today we’re taking a step out from behind those shadows, sharing what we can, and offering a glimpse into the world of the Central Intelligence Agency.