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An Office of Strategic Services compass that was used during the China-Burma-India Theater.

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Modernized CIA Museum Brings 75 Years of Agency History to Life

As CIA marks its 75th anniversary, the Agency is unveiling a newly modernized and interactive CIA Museum dedicated to educating and inspiring our workforce and official visitors on CIA’s history, mission, people, and contributions to national security.

Designed to instruct and inform generations of officers, the CIA Museum includes over 600 artifacts that are carefully selected to provide a deeper understanding of CIA’s history from the end of World War II, to the Cold War, to the post-9/11 era that will inspire officers working on today’s national security challenges.

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The Langley Files - A CIA Podcast

The mission of The Langley Files: A CIA Podcast is to educate and connect with the general public, sharing insight into the Agency’s core mission, capabilities, and agility as an intelligence leader…and to share some interesting stories along the way! Each episode is approximately 15-30 minutes in length and will feature our hosts leading conversations with a range of special guests.

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