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Student Programs

Launch your career; help safeguard our Nation with an internship or co-op opportunity.

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Language Opportunities

Your foreign language skills can help keep our Nation safe. Discover how you can use your language abilities in a career that’s as exciting as it is fulfilling.

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Life at CIA

Our diverse workforce is our strength. Learn more about our employees—and their unique backgrounds and roles—who keep our Nation safe.

Featured Jobs

Our Agency’s hiring needs change to keep pace with the dynamic national security landscape.

The Stokes Undergraduate Scholarship Program is an internship and financial needs-based scholarship to help undergraduates acquire CIA mission-critical skills while completing their degree program.

  • Internship
  • Starting salary: $36,145 - $48,155
  • At least 18 years of age by 15 September of this year

Open Source Targeters conduct enhanced or specialized research and analysis, using publicly available information leveraging advanced tools, datasets and methodologies to advance CIA’s mission.

  • Full-Time
  • $69,287 - $122,459*
  • *Higher starting salary possible depending on experience level
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Foreign Language Bonus Eligible

Foreign Language Instructors provide CIA officers with the foreign language skills and cross-cultural savviness needed to live and work abroad. They also conduct regular language proficiency testing.

  • Full time
  • Starting salary: $78,686 - $122,459
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Foreign language bonus eligible

Targeting Officers identify the people, relationships, and organizations with access to information needed to find opportunities to disrupt threats to U.S. interests.

  • Full time
  • Starting salary: $67,122 - $102,166*
  • *Higher starting salary possible depending on experience level
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Foreign language bonus eligible
  • Opportunities for foreign travel are possible

Why Work at CIA?

We are an Agency defined by our mission, values, and people. Together, we accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go. When you’re a part of the Nation’s premier intelligence agency, your opportunities for personal and professional growth are boundless.

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Our Mission

We preempt threats and further U.S. national security objectives by collecting intelligence, producing analysis, and conducting covert action as directed by the president.

Our Organization

Our women and men serve in a variety of dynamic offices. They use their deep expertise, profound talent, and patriotic calling to protect our country.

Our Legacy

We are the Nation’s premier intelligence agency, shaped by our resilient past. Could you be part of our future? Let our legacy inspire you.

Our Stories

Explore news and feature stories to learn about who we are, what we do, and what it’s like to work at the CIA.

Accommodations and Accessibility

We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you need accommodations for any reason during the hiring process, our Reasonable Accommodations Staff can help.

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