"And that’s really the fun part of the job … You open up a folder and you see old style carbon copies that secretaries typed … you see real life documents, originals with a wet signature on them from Allen Dulles or Richard Helms. You might find an old Mylar map that was made pre-computers, big sheet of plastic with decals and calligraphy and tape and colored pencil mark … In doing the work, you’re not only traveling back intellectually in the past, but sometimes you’re physically doing it. It’s like a documentary time machine almost…"

November 10, 2022
Season 1 Episode 4

Into the Archives: Why Does CIA Have Historians?

On this episode of The Langley Files, CIA's Chief Historian joins Walter and Dee to talk about the Agency's cadre of in-house historians. They'll discuss how these officers' work studying the past supports CIA's mission in the present, what it's like going through the Agency's archives … and how one of the fastest, highest-flying operational jet aircraft ever built ended up in the parking lot of CIA Headquarters. <br>*Nothing in this podcast should be construed to be an endorsement by the CIA or the US Government of any particular company, product, or service.