"We have a phrase around here. We share what we can and protect what we must. This is an unclassified museum about a very secretive organization with good reason. People are at risk if the wrong information gets out and operations can even be imperiled … So we’re always working very hard to make sure that even though this information is going to be available to the public that it won’t affect our sources or methods so that our officers can still do the job they need to do and make sure they’re safe doing it."

December 1, 2022
Season 1 Episode 5

The Greatest Museum You'll Never See

A top secret mission to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. A legendary CIA officer who postponed retirement to lead the Agency's response to 9/11. An entire building turned into a listening post. Where can you find artifacts from these chapters of hidden history and many more? The museum at the heart of CIA Headquarters. Since this museum is not open to the general public, in this episode of The Langley Files, Dee and Walter catch up with the museum's director and deputy director for a behind the scenes tour … podcast-style. <br>*Nothing in this podcast should be construed to be an endorsement by the CIA or the US Government of any particular company, product, or service.