"You know, being a security protective officer and just working for the Central Intelligence Agency in general, right, there's an inherent risk that is involved in this type of work. And so we have to keep that in mind. We have to stay up to date on current events, not just here in the United States, but across the globe. Um, because of the presence and kind of what the CIA does, you know, we have to be, remain vigilant."

April 20, 2023
Season 2 File 009

CIA's First Line of Defense: Security Protective Officers

CIA is known as America's first line of defense - but who protects CIA? On this episode, Dee and Walter sit down with a member of CIA's protective service - the unit charged with keeping CIA personnel and facilities safe. They'll discuss what it takes to qualify for that team, the training its officers undergo, and the importance of not calling a day "quiet" until it's over.

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