"At CIA, we try and have our officers be highly attuned to their surroundings, you know, and maintaining situational awareness about what's going on. This is where you can use all five senses. You know, one - it'll provide you a great experience and great memories for your travel as a whole, but also keep yourself safe. And you know, if there's a telltale sign of something amiss you'll be able to understand it."

May 18, 2023
Season 2 File 010

CIA Travel Safety 101

How do CIA officers stay safe while traveling to some of the most dangerous places in the world? And how can you apply the CIA’s best practices to help stay safe during your own travels? On this episode of The Langley Files, a CIA security expert talks Dee and Walter through a notional trip abroad to reveal how he watches his back on the go—and shares how you can, too.

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