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Abrahamson, Sherman R.
Intelligence for Economic Defense
Spring 1964
Adams, George E.
With the OSS in China
Winter 1990
Adams, Robert H.
Developments in Air Targeting: The Air Battle Model
Spring 1958
Agnor, Francis
Interpreter as an Agent, The
Winter 1960
Ahern, Charles R.
Yo-Yo Story: An Electronics Analysis Case History, The
Winter 1961
Alexander, A. John
Intelligence Role for the Footnote, An
Summer 1964
Allen, Edward L.
Assessment of Communist Economic Penetration, The
Winter 1959
Allen, Edward L.
Chinese Growth Estimates Revisited
Spring 1963
Allen, Edward L.
Industrial Planning in the US and the USSR
Fall 1957
Allen, Edward L.
Validity of Soviet Economic Statistics, The
Summer 1960
Allen, George
Professionalization of Intelligence, The
Spring 1982
Allen, George W.
Intelligence in Small Wars
Winter 1991
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