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765 Declassified Articles
"If Donovan Were Here Today"
Henhoeffer, William M.
Fall 1988
"Rolling Thunder" and Bomb Damage to Bridges
Fuller, Kenneth C.; Smith, Bruce ; Atkins, Merle
Fall 1969
"Truth" Drugs in Interrogation
Bimmerle, George
Spring 1961
"You're From Where and You're Doing What?"
McCarthy, Linda S.
Summer 1987
"Zdravo, Purvi Americanec"
Mattingly, Robert E.
Spring 1982
17th Century English Intelligence Report, A
Courier, Leonard C.
Summer 1983
30 September Movement in Indonesia, The
Pizzicaro, John T.
Fall 1969
Abwehr Myth: How Efficient Was German Intelligence in World War II?, The
Guensberg, Gerold
Fall 1977
Adversary Agent Radios
Fauth, James J.
Winter 1966
Aerial Photography for Agriculture
Gasser, William R.
Fall 1967
African Numbers Game
McDonald, Walter
Fall 1964
Against Footnotes
Evans, Allan
Fall 1964
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