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CIA at War: A Photographic Essay

By: Ursula M Wilder, Toni L. Hiley, Tracey P. and Peter Garfield


CIA at War is meant, above all, to be a window into the people and culture of an organization critical to America’s security. While many details of its  activities are, of necessity, kept from the public at large, the operations of  this Agency are carefully overseen inside our government, oversight that is  absolutely crucial to the necessary and well-earned place of foreign  intelligence in a healthy, open society.

From every part of that society come the men and women who do the work of intelligence for the CIA and the nation it so proudly serves. Like America herself, they defy stereotype, reflecting an enormous range of experiences  and perspectives. As this book makes clear, they and the loved ones who support them share what counts most—a faith in the principles that define our country and a readiness to promote and defend them. That is the core requirement of service with CIA, no matter the place or conditions of  assignment. The responsibilities are always real and often unique.

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