Unclassified Extracts from the 1995 and earlier issues of Studies in Intelligence.

Editor’s note: This unclassified collection of Studies articles includes three articles written by Jack Davis, a CIA analyst turned intelligence educator. Jack would become the most prolific contributor of articles on the relationship of intelligence and policy to one another and on intelligence analysis tradecraft in general. Jack died on 13 February 2016. Studies remembered him in an “In Memoriam” article the following June.

The Views of Ambassador Herman J. Cohen

Intelligence Analysis and Policymaking

Jack Davis

Facts, Findings, Forecasts, and Fortune-telling

Defining The Analyti Mission

Jack Davis

Studying and Teaching Intelligence

The importance of interchange

Earnest R. May

A Policymaker’s Perspective on Intelligence Analysis

Insightful interviews

Jack Davis

British and American Policy on Intelligence Archives

Never-Never Land and Wonderland

Richard J. Aldrich

Honoring Two World War II Heroes

Prestigious intelligence awards

R. James Woolsey, Maj. Gen. Doyle Larson, and Linda Zall

Some Lessons in Intelligence

Enduring principles

R. V. Jones

The Komsomolets Disaster

Burial at sea

George Montgomery

Fifteen DCIs’ First 100 Days

Taking stock

CIA History Staff

Truman and Eisenhower: Launching the Process

Intelligence support

John Helgerson

The Fall of Lima Site 85

The war in Laos

James C. Linder

Origins of the Congress of Cultural Freedom, 1949-50

Cultural Cold War

Michael Warner

Robert Fulton’s Skyhook and Operation Coldfeet

A good pick-me-up

William M. Leary

The Role of US Army Attachés Between the World Wars

Selection and training

Scott A. Koch

General de Gaulle in Action

1960 summit conference

Lt. Gen. Vernon A. Walters

Of Moles and Molehunters

Spy stories

Cleveland C. Cram