Unclassified Extracts from Studies in Intelligence

Intelligence Today and Tomorrow

A Roundtable Discussion

The Brown Commission and the Future of Intelligence

A Colloquium

The Intelligence Community: Is It Broken? How To Fix It?

John H. Hedley

A Singular Opportunity

Gaining Access to CIA’s Records

Evan Thomas

The Need for Integrity

Thoughts Provoked by “The Very Best Men”

Michael Thompson

The Challenge of Managing Uncertainty

Paul Wolfowitz on Intelligence-Policy Relations

Jack Davis

Another System of Oversight

Intelligence and the Rise of Judicial Intervention

Frederic F. Manget

A Different Kind of Threat

Some Thoughts on Irregular Warfare

Jeffrey B. White

Declassification’s Great Leap Forward

CORONA and the Intelligence Community

Kevin C. Ruffner

The Intelligence of Nations

Adam Smith Examines the Intelligence Economy

Todd Brethauer

Historical Perspectives

Coping With Iran-Contra

Personal Reflections on Bill Casey’s Last Month at CIA

James McCullough


David Gries

Revisiting Vietnam

Thoughts Engendered by Robert McNamara’s “In Retrospect”

Harold P. Ford

Salvage and Liquidation

The Creation of the Central Intelligence Group

Michael Warner

Duping the Soviets

The Farewell Dossier

Gus W. Weiss