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Abrahamson, Sherman R., "Intelligence for Economic Defense"
Adams, Robert H., "Developments in Air Targeting: The Air Battle Model"
Agnor, Francis, "The Interpreter as an Agent"
Agrell, Wilhelm, "When Everything is Intelligence – Nothing is Intelligence"

Kent Cen. Occ. Pap. 1:4-1-5 (October 2002)  [KB*]

Ahern, Charles R., "The Yo-Yo Story"
Aldrich, Richard J., "British and American Policy on Intelligence"
Alexander, John A., "An Intelligence Role for the Footnote"
Allen, Edward L., "Industrial Planning in the US and the USSR"
Allen, Edward L., "The Validity of Soviet Economic Statistics"
Allen, Robert Loring, "The Role of Interindustry Studies in Economic Intelligence"
Amory, Robert Jr., "John Andre: Case Officer"
Anderson, Dwayne, "On the Trail of the Alexandrovsk"
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