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"1944: An Allied Team with the French Resistance" by Robert R. Kehoe

Stud. Intel.Winter 1998/99:15-50, PDF [3MB*]
A personal account of the author’s selection and training as an ODD Jedburgh radio operator, and a rather detailed account of his activity with French partisans in Brittany behind German lines, June to August 1944.

"A Cable from Napoleon" by Edwin C. Fishel

Stud. Intel. V2:3-81-101 (Summer 1958) PDF [383KB*]
Tells the story of how the US government, in 1867, intercepted a critically important cable from Napoleon III to his commanding general in Mexico confirming Napoleon’s order to withdraw all French troops from Mexico. This was probably the first instance of US peacetime communications intelligence.

"A Case Officer's First Tour" by Richard Stolz

Stud. Intel. V37:1-53-58 (1994) PDF [KB*]
Describes a case officer’s first tour in Trieste (1951-54), the lessons learned, the operations run, the Base organization, the family life.

"A Classic Case of Deception" by Antonio J. Mendez

Stud. Intel. Winter 1999/2000:1-16, PDF [989KB*]
A blow by blow description of the planning, preparation, and execution of the mission to exfiltrate six State Department personnel hiding in the Canadian Embassy in Tehran after the seizure of the embassy by student radicals in 1980.

"A Close Call in Africa" by Richard L. Holm

Stud. Intel. Winter 1999/2000:17-28, PDF [2MB*]
Recounts a Case Officer’s 1964 assignment to the Belgian Congo, describes the severe burns received in a plane crash in the jungle, his survival, rescue and rehabilitation.

"A Comment on 'A Note on KGB Style'" by John W. Monkiewicz. Letter to the Editor

Stud. Intel. V16:1-81-82 (Special Edition 1972) PDF [89KB*]
Underscores the differences in operational styles between the KGB First (foreign) and Second (internal) Chief Directorates.

"A Crucial Estimate Relived" by Sherman Kent

Stud. Intel. V36:5-111-119 (Spring 1964) PDF [216KB*]
A classic evaluation of a classic intelligence estimating failure: “The Military Buildup in Cuba,” 1962, by the manager of the estimate.

"A Definition of Intelligence" by Martin A. Bimfort

Stud. Intel. V2:4-75-78 (Fall 1958) PDF [85KB*]
A refinement of previous proposals for a pithy definition of the intelligence process.

"A Dim View of Women", by Chef de Renseignements

Stud. Intel. V6:2-A1-A5 (Spring 1962) PDF [73KB*]
A European Intelligence Chief’s low assessment of women as agent material

"A First Tour Like No Other" by William J. Daugherty

Stud. Intel. Spring 1998:1-45, PDF [4MB*]
Case officer’s personal account of the capture of the US embassy in Iran November 4, 1979 and his ensuing 444 days of captivity and hostile treatment by Iranian revolutionary zealots. Useful for new case officers – tradecraft (what works, what doesn’t), survival techniques, and interrogation tips.

"A Fresh Look at Collection Requirements" by Clyde R. Heffler

Stud. Intel. V4:4-43-61 (Fall 1960) PDF [220KB*]
In-depth discussion of problems of coordinating and prioritizing collection requirements (1960)

"A Good Trip" by Mary Evans O'Keefe Gravalos

Stud. Intel. V13:3-91-97 (Summer 1969) PDF [142KB*]
Travel advice for the TDYer, including cover considerations.

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