Studies in Intelligence 67, No. 1 (Extracts, March 2023)

Review Essay: Perspectives on Japan’s Intelligence and National Security Challenges

Reviewed by W. Lee Radcliffe

Japan has made improvements in national security legislation, policy, and structure since the early 2000s, but the country has a long way to go to meet today’s intelligence and national security challenges. That’s the overarching message in Kitamura Shigeru’s two works drawing from his four decades of public service in Japan that culminated in the positions of director of cabinet intelligence (DCI) and the national security adviser to multiple prime ministers.

Jōhō to kokka–kensei shijō saichō no seiken o sasaeta interijensu no genten [Intelligence and the State: The Origin of Intelligence that Supported the Longest Administration in Constitutional History] by Kitamura Shigeru (Choukoron-Shinsha, Ltd., 2021), 516 pages, tables, figures.

Keizai anzen hoshō igyō no taikoku, Chūgoku o chokushi seyo [Economic Security: Confront China, the Aberrant Superpower] by Kitamura Shigeru, with Oyabu Tsuyoshi (Choukoron-Shinsha, Ltd., 2022), 325 pages, tables, figures.

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