Studies in Intelligence 67, No. 1 (Extracts, March 2023)

Reviews: Intelligence Officer's Bookshelf (March 2023)

Compiled and reviewed by Hayden Peake and others.

Intelligence and Policy: Covert Action

The Third Option: Covert Action and American Foreign Policy, by Loch K. Johnson


Covert Legions: U.S. Army Intelligence in Germany, 1944–1949, by Thomas Boghardt

Prisoners of the Castle: An Epic Story of Survival and Escape from Colditz, the Nazis’ Fortress Prison, by Ben Macintyre

Sidney Reilly: Master Spy, by Benny Morris, and The Greatest Spy: The True Story of the Secret Agent Who Inspired James Bond 007, by John Harte

The Venlo Sting: MI6’s Deadly Fiasco, by Norman Ridley

The Island of Extraordinary Captives: A Painter, a Poet, an Heiress, and a Spy in a World War II British Internment Camp, by Simon Parkin (Reviewed by J. E. Leonardson.)

Intelligence Abroad

Canadian Military Intelligence: Operations and Evolution from the October Crisis to the War in Afghanistan, by David A. Charters

The Handbook of Asian Intelligence Cultures, by Ryan Shaffer (ed.)


Spy Daughter, Queer Girl: A Memoir In Search of Truth and Acceptance in a Family of Secrets, by Leslie Absher

The Yank: A True Story of a Former US Marine in the Irish Republican Army, by John Crawley (Reviewed by Joseph Gartin.)


The Able Archers: Based On Real Events, by Brian J. Morra (Reviewed by Graham Alexander.)

The Bucharest Dossier: A Novel, by William Maz (Reviewed by Graham Alexander.)

The Wayward Spy—A Novel, by Susan Ouellette (Reviewed by Mike R.)

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