Studies in Intelligence 67, No. 2 (Extracts, June 2023)

Commentary: Transformational Learning Theory and Alternatives to Obstacles in the Development of Intelligence Professionals

Steven G. Shenouda, PhD., et al. followed by response from Dr. Julie Mendosa, PhD.

Committed to an "Elevated Debate"

Editor's note: Studies is committed to professional and substantive debate on issues relevant to the intelligence practitioner. In this commentary, Steven Shenouda et al. offer a critique of Dr. Julie Mendosa's article "Transformational Learning for Intelligence professionals" (Studies 66, no. 3 [September 2022]). The article explored how students at the National Intelligence University make meaning and suggested that intelligence organizations should create developmental cultures by providing opportunities for discourse, collaboration, and sharing.

We include Dr. Mendosa's response to Shenouda et al. and a follow-on rebuttal by Shenouda et al. Developing new knowledge is integral to Studies' mission, and we invite readers' comments on any article or media review.

Download PDF of complete commentary.