Intelligence Studies

Studies in Intelligence, Fall 2000


Unclassified Extracts from Studies in Intelligence



Lloyd D. Salvetti

Photo of Sherman Kent

The Framework

The Need for an Intelligence Literature

Sprint 1955

Sherman Kent


William J. Donovan and the National Security

Summer 1959

Allen W. Dulles


The Defections of Dr. John

Fall 1960

Delmege Trimble


On the Soviet Nuclear Scent

Fall 1967

Henry S. Lowenhaupt


Soviet Deception in the Czechoslovak Crisis

Sprint 1970

Cynthia M. Grabo


The Holocaust Revisited: A Retrospective Analysis of the Auschwitz Birkenau Extermination Complex

Winter 1978

Dino A. Brugioni and Robert G. Poirier


An Interview with Richard Helms

Fall 1981

David Frost


A Stone for Willy Fisher

Winter 1986

Richard Friedman


The San Cristobal Trapezoid

Winter 1992

John T. Hughes and A. Denis Clift


A First Tour Like No Other

Sprint 1998 unclassified edition

William J. Daugherty


Issue Cover


Sherman Kent, the “founding father” of Studies in Intelligence, headed the Office of National Estimates and was a pioneer in the then-emerging field of intelligence analysis.

Allen W. Dulles was Director of Central Intelligence from 1953 to 1961 – the longest anyone has served in that post.

Delmege Trimble was a CIA intelligence officer.

Henry S. Lowenhaupt was a CIA specialist on nuclear matters.

Cynthia M. Grabo was an intelligence officer at the National Indications Center.

Dino A. Brugioni was an intelligence officer at the National Photographic Interpretation Center and has long been a frequent contributor to Studies in Intelligence.

Robert G. Poirier was a CIA imagery analyst whose work included seeking ways to broaden the applications of imagery analysis beyond purely military concerns.

David Frost is an internationally acclaimed broadcast journalist.

Richard Friedman worked for the National Intelligence Council.

John T. Hughes was a Department of Defense imagery analyst.

A. Denis Clift is President of the Joint Military Intelligence College.

William J. Daugherty, who served in the Directorate of Operations, is now a faculty member at the university in the southern United States.