Intelligence Studies

Volume 55, No. 1

March 2011

Unclassified Extracts from Studies in Intelligence

Ensnaring the Unwitting in Czechoslovakia KAMEN: A Cold War Dangle Operation with an American Dimension, 1948-1952

Igor Lukes

In the First Person

What I Learned in 40 Years of Doing Intelligence Analysis for US Foreign Policymakers

Martin Petersen

Intelligence in Public Literature

The Lessons for CI of the Dreyfus Affair

John Ehrman

The Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf

Compiled and reviewed by Hayden Peake


John Ehrman is an officer in CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence. He is a frequent contributor, especially on matters related to counterintelligence.

Igor Lukes is Professor of History and International Relations in the College of Arts and Sciences of Boston University. He is also an associate of the Davis Center for Russian Studies, Harvard University. He is a historian of Central Europe in the 20th century. His latest book is Czechoslovakia Between Stalin and Hitler: The Diplomacy of Edvard Benes in the 1930s.

Hayden Peake is curator of the CIA Historical Intelligence Collection. He served in the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology and the Directorate of Operations.

Martin Petersen is a retired CIA Directorate of Intelligence officer and author of numerous articles and teaches on the subjects of intelligence, intelligence analysis, and the management of intelligence analysts.