Intelligence Studies

Volume 59, No. 1

March 2015
Unclassified Extracts from Studies in Intelligence


Historical Crises in North Korea
*Lessons from the USS Pueblo and EC-121 Incidents – 1968 and 1969 
Richard A. Mobley

From the Studies Archive
*The War in Laos: The Fall of Lima Site 85 in March 1968 
James C. Linder

Intelligence of the Future?
*Autonomous Systems in the Intelligence Community: Many Possibilities and Challenges 
Jenny R. Holzer, PhD, and Franklin L. Moses, PhD


Thomas G. Coffey is a former CIA Directorate of Intelligence analyst serving with the Lessons Learned Program of the Center for the Study of Intelligence.

Charles Heard is the penname of a CIA Directorate of Intelligence analyst.

Jenny Holzer is a Research Staff Member at the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) who has a PhD in Physics. A focus of her work is on autonomous systems. Franklin (Frank) Moses is an Adjunct Staff Member at the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA). He has a PhD in Experimental Psychology. A focus of his work is on intelligence analysis and autonomous systems.

Paul Kavanagh is a retired CIA officer. His is a frequent reviewer.

James C. Linder was in the US Navy at the time he wrote his article in 1994.

Jason U. Manosevitz is an analyst in the CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence. He is also a member of the Studies Editorial Board.

Richard A. Mobley is a former naval intelligence officer and the author of Flash Point Korea: The Pueblo and EC-121 Crises, which was published in 2003.

Hayden Peake has served in the CIA‚Äôs Directorates of Operations and Science and Technology. He has been compiling and writing reviews for the “Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf” since December 2002.

2014 Studies in Intelligence Awards

The following book reviews and articles from the unclassified edition of Studies were recognized for their especially strong contributions to the literature of intelligence:

James Burridge and John Kavanagh for their review of the novel Red Sparrow in Studies 58, No. 1 (Extracts, March 2014)

Kevin Davies for his “Field Unit 12 Takes New Technology to War in the Southwest Pacific” in Studies 58, No. 3 (Extracts, September 2014)

Nicholas Dujmovic for his review of the book Ike’s Bluff: President Eisenhower’s Secret Battle to Save the World in Studies 58, No. 1 (Extracts, March 2014)

Roger Zane George for the review of Blinking Red: Crisis and Compromise in American Intelligence after 9/11 in Studies 58, No. 1 (Extracts, March 2014)

David Robarge for “CIA’s Covert Operations in the Congo, 1960-1968: Insights from Newly Declassified Documents” in Studies 58, No. 3 (Extracts, September 2014)

David W. Waltrop for “Catching the End of an Era: Recovery of the Last GAMBIT and HEXAGON Film Buckets from Space, August-October 1984” in Studies 58, No. 2 (Extracts, June 2014)