Intelligence Studies

Volume 60, No. 2

June 2016

Unclassified Extracts from Studies in Intelligence


In Memoriam

Jack Davis (1930-2016) 

An Intelligence Estimative Record

*The Swallow and Caspian Sea Monster vs. the Princess and the Camel: The Cold War Contest for a Nuclear-Powered Aircraft

By Raymond L. Garthoff

Intelligence and Policy

*Intelligence and Punta Huete Airfield: A Symbol of Past Soviet/Russian Strategic Interest in Central America 

By Robert Vickers


*Defeating an Insurgency-The Thai Effort against the Communist Party of Thailand, 1965-ca. 1982 

By Bob Bergin

Intelligence in Public Media

Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror

Reviewed by Hayden Peake

Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush 

Reviewed by Thomas Coffey

The President’s Book of Secrets: The Untold Story of Intelligence Briefings to America’s Presidents from Kennedy to Obama 

Reviewed by Jason U. Manosevitz

“Kitachosen Kikan” o soshiseyo: Nihon ni sennyushita Kankoku Himitsu Kosakutai

[Stop the “Return to North Korea”: The ROK Covert Operative Teams that Infiltrated Japan] 

Reviewed by Stephen C. Mercado

Avenue of Spies: A True Story of Terror, Espionage, and One American Family’s Heroic Resistance in Nazi-Occupied Paris

Reviewed by David Foy

Eisenhower’s Guerrillas: The Jedburghs, the Maquis, & The Liberation of France 

Reviewed by David A. Foy

Bridge of Spies

Reviewed by James Burridge and John Kavanagh


Reviewed by James Burridge and John Kavanagh

Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf

Compiled and reviewed by Hayden Peake


Bob Bergin is a retired foreign service officer who has served in Southeast Asia. He now writes regional histories and histories of flight.

James Burridge and John Kavanagh are retired CIA operations officers.

Thomas Coffey is a former Directorate of Analysis officer serving with the Lessons Learned Program of the Center for the Study of Intelligence.

David Foy is the Intelligence Community historian on the History Staff of the Center for the Study of Intelligence.

Jason U. Manosevitz is an analyst in CIA’s Directorate of Analysis and a member of the Studies Editorial Board.

Stephen C. Mercado is a frequent and award-winning contributor of reviews, especially of foreign-language books, and articles to Studies.

Hayden Peake has served in the CIA’s Directorates of Operations and Science and Technology. He has been compiling and writing reviews for the “Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf” since December 2002.

Raymond L. Garthoff served in CIA’s Office of National Estimates during 1957-1961 and is the author of many books on Soviet affairs, the Cold War, and intelligence, including A Journey through the Cold War: A Memoir of Containment and Coexistence (Brookings Institution Press, 2001) and, most recently, Soviet Leaders and Intelligence: Assessing the American Adversary During the Cold War (Georgetown University Press, 2015).

Robert Vickers, now retired, has served in numerous analytical positions. Pertinent to his article are his service as a military analyst and as National Intelligence Officer for Latin America.

Jay Watkins is a CIA officer and a member of the Editorial Board of Studies in Intelligence.