Intelligence Studies

Volume 65, No. 1

Unclassified extracts from Studies in Intelligence 65, No. 1 (March 2021)

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David T. Berg, PhD is a CIA Intelligence Officer in Residence at the University of New Mexico.

Joseph W. Caddell Jr. is an adjunct assistant professor with the National Intelligence University, where he has taught graduate courses on intelligence collection, geospatial intelli-gence, and US intelligence history. 

Thomas Coffey is a member of CSI’s Lessons Learned team who focuses on the intelligence and policy relationship.

Brian C. Dudley is an analyst with the Department of the Army. 

Craig A. Dudley is a division chief in DIA. During his 18-year career with the DIA, most of it overseas, he has had experience in capacity building, collection management, and all-source analysis.

Jessica Garrett-Harsch is a historian with NSA’s Center for Cryptologic History.

Joseph W. Gartin is a retired senior CIA officer, who last served as CIA’s chief learning officer.

J. E. Leonardson is the pen name of an analyst in CIA’s Directorate of Analysis.

Stephen C. Mercado is a retired Open Source Enterprise officer who continues to delight in reading in foreign languages.

 R. Seeger is a retired CIA paramilitary officer and frequent contributor to Studies.

 Gregory Sims is a retired CIA operations officer.

 Dr. Daniel Tsao is the chief of the Medical, Psychological, and Health Security Center of the CIA’s Directorate of Analysis.