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Last Updated: 7/31/2023
The United States does not recognize the caretaker Taliban government.

Overall Taliban Leader


Prime Min.

Mohammad HASSAN Akhund (Acting)

Deputy Prime Min.

Abdul KABIR (Acting)

Deputy Prime Min.

Abdul Ghani BERADER (Acting)

Deputy Prime Min.

Abdul Salam HANAFI (Acting)

Min. of Defense

Mohammad YAQUB (Acting)

Min. of Economy

QARI DIN Mohammad (Acting)

Min. of Education

HABIBULLAH Agha (Acting)

Min. of Foreign Affairs

Amir Khan MOTAQI (Acting)

Dir. of Intelligence

Abdul Haq WASIQ (Acting)

Min. of Interior

Sirajuddin HAQQANI (Acting)

Min. of Justice

Abdul Hakim SHARAI (Acting)

Min. of Preaching, Promotion of Virtue, & Prevention of Vice

Mohammad KHALID (Acting)

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