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Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Leaders and Cabinet Members

Last Updated: 10/27/2023



Prime Min.

Jean-Michel Sama LUKONDE

Vice Prime Min. for the Civil Service, Modernization of the Administration, and Innovation of Public Service

Jean-Pierre LIHAU Ebua

Vice Prime Min. of Interior, Security, and Customary Affairs

Peter KAZADI Kankonde

Vice Prime Min. of Foreign Affairs and Francophonie

Christophe LUTUNDULA Apala

Vice Prime Min. of National Defense and Veterans Affairs

Jean-Pierre BEMBA Gombo

Vice Prime Min. of the National Economy


State Min. for the Budget

Aime BOJI Sangara

State Min. for Decentralization and Institutional Reforms

Eustache MUHANZI Mubembe

State Min. for the Environment and Sustainable Development

Eve BAZAIBA Masudi

State Min. of Infrastructure and Public Works

Alexis GIZARO Muvuni

State Min. of Justice, Keeper of the Seals

Rose MUTOMBO Kiese

State Min. for Planning

Tsuminwa TULUKA Judith

State Min. for the Portfolio

Adele KAHINDA Mayina

State Min. for Regional Cooperation

Antipas Mbusa NYAMWISI

State Min. for Regional Planning

Guy LOANDO Mboyo

State Min. for Rural Development

Francois RUBOTA Masumbuko

State Min. for Town Planning and Housing

Pius Mbayu MUABILU Mukala

Min. of Agriculture

Jose Mpanda KABANGU

Min. of Communications and Media, Government Spokesperson

Patrick MUYAYA Katembwe

Min. of Culture, Arts, and Heritage

Catherine Katumbu FURAHA

Min. of Digital

Desire Cashmir Eberande KOLONGELE

Min. for Employment, Labor, and Social Security

Claudine NDUSI Ntembe, Mme.

Min. of Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises

Desire N’ZINGA Birihanze

Min. of Finance

Nicolas KAZADI

Min. of Fisheries and Livestock

Adrien BOKELE Djema

Min. of Foreign Trade

Jean-Lucien Boussa TONGA

Min. of Gender, Family, and Children

Masangu Bibi MULOKO Mireille

Min. of Higher and University Education

Muhindo NZANGI

Min. of Human Rights

Albert Fabrice PUELA

Min. of Hydrocarbons

Didier BUDIMBU Ntubuanga

Min. for Industry

Julien PALUKU Kahongya

Min. of Land Affairs

Aime SAKOMBI Molendo

Min. of Mines

Antoinette N'samba KALAMBAYI

Min. of Posts, Telecommunications, and New Information and Communication Technologies (PTNTIC)

Augustin Kibassa MALIBA Lubalala

Min. for Primary, Secondary, and Technical Education (EPST)

Tony Mwaba KAZADI

Min. of Public Health, Hygiene, and Prevention

Samuel-Roger Kamba MULANDA, Dr.

Min. for Relations With Parliament

Anne-Marie Karume BAKANEME

Min. for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation

Gilbert KABANDA Rukemba

Min. of Social Affairs, Humanitarian Actions, and National Solidarity

Modeste Mutinga MUTWISHAYI

Min. of Sport and Recreation

Francois KABULO Mwana

Min. of Tourism

Didier MAZENGA Mukanzu

Min. of Transport, Roads, and Opening Up

Marc Ekila LIKOMBO

Min. for Vocational Training and Trades

Antoinette KIPULU Kabenga

Min. of Water Resources and Electricity

Olivier Mwenze MUKALENG

Min. of Youth, Initiation to the New Citizenship, and National Cohesion


Min. to the President of the Republic

Nana Manwanina KIUMBA

Governor, Central Bank


Ambassador to the US

Marie-Helene Mathey Boo LOWUMBA

Permanent Representative to the UN, New York


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