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2022 population pyramid



Seychelles was uninhabited prior to being discovered by Europeans early in the 16th century. A lengthy struggle between France and Great Britain for the islands ended in 1814, when they were ceded to the UK. Independence came in 1976.



total: 455 sq km

land: 455 sq km

water: 0 sq km


tropical marine; humid; cooler season during southeast monsoon (late May to September); warmer season during northwest monsoon (March to May)

Natural resources

fish, coconuts (copra), cinnamon trees

People and Society


97,017 (2022 est.)

Ethnic groups

predominantly Creole (mainly of East African and Malagasy heritage); also French, Indian, Chinese, and Arab populations


Seychellois Creole (official) 89.1%, English (official) 5.1%, French (official) 0.7%, other 3.8%, unspecified 1.4% (2010 est.)


Roman Catholic 76.2%, Protestant 10.5% (Anglican 6.1%, Pentecostal Assembly 1.5%, Seventh Day Adventist 1.2%, other Protestant 1.7%), other Christian 2.4%, Hindu 2.4%, Muslim 1.6%, other non-Christian 1.1%, unspecified 4.8%, none 0.9% (2010 est.)

Population growth rate

0.64% (2022 est.)


Government type

presidential republic


name: Victoria

Executive branch

chief of state: President Wavel RAMKALAWAN (since 26 October 2020); Vice President Ahmed AFIF (since 27 October 2020); the president is both chief of state and head of government

head of government: President Wavel RAMKALAWAN (since 26 October 2020); Vice President Ahmed AFIF (since 27 October 2020)

Legislative branch

description: unicameral National Assembly or Assemblee Nationale (35 seats in the 2020 -25 term; 26 members directly elected in single-seat constituencies by simple majority vote and up to 9 members elected by proportional representation vote; members serve 5-year terms)


Economic overview

high-income Indian Ocean island economy; rapidly growing tourism sector; major tuna exporter; offshore financial hub; environmentally fragile and investing in ocean rise mitigation; recently discovered offshore oil potential; successful anticorruption efforts

Real GDP (purchasing power parity)

$2.4 billion (2020 est.)

Real GDP per capita

$24,400 (2020 est.)

Agricultural products

coconuts, vegetables, bananas, fruit, eggs, poultry, tomatoes, pork, tropical fruit, cassava


fishing, tourism, beverages


$1.09 billion (2020 est.)

Exports - partners

United Arab Emirates 17%, United Kingdom 13%, France 12%, British Virgin Islands 11%, Zambia 9%, Mauritius 5%, Japan 5% (2019)

Exports - commodities

refined petroleum, fish, recreational boats, cigarettes, animal meal (2019)


$1.35 billion (2020 est.)

Imports - partners

United Arab Emirates 21%, Qatar 13%, British Virgin Islands 7%, Germany 6%, France 6%, China 5%, Spain 5%, South Africa 5% (2019)

Imports - commodities

recreational boats, refined petroleum, fish, aircraft, cars (2019)

Exchange rates

Seychelles rupees (SCR) per US dollar -

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