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Working at CIA

Why CIA?

The work here is more than just a job—it’s a career and a lifestyle. Diverse teams serve at the forefront of an ever-changing global landscape with one common goal: to keep our country safe. When you are part of the Nation’s premier intelligence agency, your opportunities for growth are boundless. Our legacy is your legacy.

Explore our world and imagine yourself working toward a mission that matters while advancing your career.

A mother and her young daughter sitting on a sofa looking at a computer.

Join a Diverse and Dynamic Workforce

At CIA, we bring the best of who we are to protect our national interests. To uphold this extraordinary responsibility, we strive to maintain a diverse, fair, and accessible workplace where all voices are heard, respected, and valued. We offer a unique environment to work with smart, focused people who have a broad range of backgrounds, interests, experiences, and perspectives. Our employees can give their all to protect our Nation because of our inclusive environment.

Explore Diversity at CIA

We will be a place that people will want to work because they know that who they are and what they can contribute is welcome here. That they can be themselves, unapologetically. The more we have that, the better we’ll be as an organization.

A woman in a button-down blouse standing with her hands in her pockets.

Talent Acquisition Officer

Make a World of Difference

At CIA, you’ll be a part of the Nation’s first line of defense. Our success isn’t driven by bottom lines or client demands, but instead by service to United States and safeguarding our Nation’s people. Our professionals play critical roles in preempting threats and furthering national security objectives—from working against terrorism and cyber-attacks to preventing the spread of biological weapons and more. No matter the position, when you are working at CIA you are contributing to the work of a nation at the center of intelligence.

Learn About Our Mission

My clients are all over the world, literally. I get people in here back from warzone assignments. I can tell they’ve been overseas because the water changes their hair. I’ve cut hair for Directors, analysts, ops officers, and everyone in between.

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Agency Barber

Take Advantage of Competitive Benefits Programs

We offer a wide variety of federal benefits that are hard to match. From flexible work schedules and generous time off to competitive health care plans and retirement programs, you’ll be rewarded with a benefits package that reflects your dedication and contributions to our mission. We are committed to the health, wellbeing, and advancement of our employees. We show our commitment by providing fitness facilities, Agency Resource Groups, and opportunities to continue your education.

Review Our Benefits

We’re all here for the mission, and so we find ways to collaborate and work with one another. We know that a team is always going to be better than the individual.

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Political Analyst

Have a Dynamic Career Without Switching Employers

In the private sector, if you want to shift from one field to another or move to another work location, you’d likely have to change companies. That’s not the case at CIA. We give our employees opportunities for personal and professional growth. You’ll feel challenged to be your absolute best with competitive compensation and the opportunity for financial rewards. Many of our employees stay for an entire career because of the opportunities for challenging, rewarding work.

Browse Jobs at CIA

CIA is a place that values different types of people with different backgrounds and perspectives. The goal being to create a diverse community that fosters a sense of belonging in a way that enriches officers and empowers them to advance CIA’s mission.

A woman in an orange coat walking up the steps outside CIA Headquarters

Data Scientist

Be at the Leading Edge of Your Career Specialty

Our world is changing every day, making each day at CIA an exciting adventure. You will apply your unique expertise, skills, and personal initiative to help us achieve our mission and continue our legacy. No matter your role or expertise, you’ll be at the forefront of your specialty on a global scale. Whether you’re on the front line of human intelligence as a Case Officer or using your talents in science and engineering or anything in between, you’ll have the rare chance to grow your career and foster your skills while making a difference for your country.

Discover Our Legacy

I started at CIA more than 40 years ago working as a security monitor. I worked five nights a week while I was in school. When CIA stood up its new protective program they asked me if I wanted in. I couldn’t say no.

A woman in a dark colored police jacket.

Security Protective Service

Work on a Team that Values Mentorship and Integrity

At CIA, we know the best work comes from people who feel fulfilled and supported in their roles. No matter your assignment, you can feel the energy, intensity, and passion of our work. You’ll see teamwork, collaboration, and our values at the core of everything we do. We are a family that supports, relies on, and learns from one another to accomplish our shared mission.

Learn About Our Organization

If you do it right, there are people who can go home one day who might not have otherwise gone home. And they don’t know it, but you know it. That type of reward supersedes what you can do anywhere else – that you can truly make the world a better, safer place.

A man in a suit standing with his arms crossed.

Targeting Analyst

Student Programs

Protect our nation and gain on-the-job experience with our paid internship, scholarship, and co-op opportunities.

Military Transition

We recognize those who have served in the military by providing additional benefits to veterans.

Myths vs. Reality

From the lives of spies to government secrets, we’re debunking the 10 most common myths about working at CIA.

News and Stories

Explore feature stories, news, and press releases to learn more about who we are and what we do at CIA.