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The Sultanate of Brunei's influence peaked between the 15th and 17th centuries when its control extended over coastal areas of northwest Borneo and the southern Philippines. In 1888, Brunei became a British protectorate. Independence was achieved in 1984. The same family has ruled Brunei for over six centuries. 



total: 5,765 sq km
land: 5,265 sq km
water: 500 sq km


tropical; hot, humid, rainy

Natural resources

petroleum, natural gas, timber

People and Society


484,991 (2023 est.)

Ethnic groups

Malay 67.4%, Chinese 9.6%, other 23% (2021 est.)


Malay (Bahasa Melayu) (official), English, Chinese dialects


Muslim (official) 82.1%, Christian 6.7%, Buddhist 6.3%, other 4.9% (2021 est.)

Population growth rate

1.43% (2023 est.)


Government type

absolute monarchy or sultanate


name: Bandar Seri Begawan

Executive branch

chief of state: Sultan and Prime Minister Sir HASSANAL Bolkiah (since 5 October 1967); note - the monarch is both chief of state and head of government
head of government: Sultan and Prime Minister Sir HASSANAL Bolkiah (since 5 October 1967)

Legislative branch

description: unicameral Legislative Council or Majlis Mesyuarat Negara Brunei (33 seats; 20 members appointed by the sultan from ex-officio cabinet ministers, titled people, and prominent citizens in public service and various professional fields and 13 members from 4 multi-seat constituencies, and 3 ex-officio members - the speaker and first and second secretaries


Economic overview

almost exclusively an oil and gas economy; high income country; expansive and robust welfare system; the majority of the population works for the government; promulgating a nationalized halal brand; considering establishment of a bond market and stock exchange

Real GDP (purchasing power parity)

$26.779 billion (2021 est.)

Real GDP per capita

$60,100 (2021 est.)

Agricultural products

poultry, eggs, fruit, cassava, bananas, legumes, cucumbers, rice, pineapples, beef


petroleum, petroleum refining, liquefied natural gas, construction, agriculture, aquaculture, transportation


$11.202 billion (2021 est.)

Exports - partners

Japan 34%, Australia 12%, Singapore 10%, India 8%, Malaysia 8%, Thailand 7%, China 6%, South Korea 5% (2019)

Exports - commodities

natural gas, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, industrial alcohols, industrial hydrocarbons (2019)


$9.219 billion (2021 est.)

Imports - partners

Singapore 18%, China 14%, Malaysia 12%, Nigeria 5%, United Arab Emirates 5%, United States 5% (2019)

Imports - commodities

crude petroleum, refined petroleum, cars, tug boats, valves (2019)

Exchange rates

Bruneian dollars (BND) per US dollar -
1.344 (2021 est.)

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