"I think in this world we, no matter what job you're in, you have 500 priorities it feels like every day, right? We need to focus on what matters most and then double down on those things. And then we'll identify what those short-term goals are and then the long-term, and that's what we'll build our five-year plan. Wellbeing is not a nice to have. It's a must have, and we are approaching it that way at the Agency."

June 15, 2023
Season 2 File 011

How an Ops Officer and an Industry Expert Drove a New Focus on Wellbeing at CIA

CIA’s workforce has a mission unlike any other, where mental and physical resiliency are often put to the test. So how does an organization like CIA best take care of its people? On this episode, Dee and Walter sit down with the surprising duo who helped drive a change in how CIA answers that critical question: Paul, a former CIA operations officer who survived a terrorist attack overseas, and Dr. Jennifer Posa, an industry expert in workplace health who in 2022 became CIA’s first Chief Wellbeing Officer. They’ll discuss how wellbeing is changing at the world’s premiere intelligence organization—and how anyone can build a bit more of it in their lives, too.

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