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CIA Names First Chief Wellbeing Officer

November 28, 2022

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director William J. Burns welcomed Dr. Jennifer Posa during a swearing-in ceremony last month to serve as CIA’s first-ever Chief Wellbeing Officer.  Dr. Posa will use her extensive private sector experience in wellbeing and organizational health expertise to expand CIA’s efforts to support its workforce’s health and wellbeing.

Dr. Posa will strengthen CIA’s strategy to promote officers’ wellbeing, a key priority for CIA’s leaders, especially given the burdens placed on CIA’s workforce in the two decades following 9/11 and the recent pandemic.  The Agency’s holistic approach seeks to care for the workforce, both domestically and abroad, empowering officers to thrive while increasing resilience.  “Building a healthy and resilient workforce is one of my most profound responsibilities.  It is absolutely critical to our success as an Agency,” said Director Burns who added, “That’s why I’m delighted that Dr. Posa has joined our team and will bring her unique set of experiences and skills to this crucial role.”

Dr. Posa and a growing team of health and wellness professionals will oversee initiatives such as expanding opportunities for employees to practice health and wellbeing activities during the work day; providing additional mental health resources to officers and their family members; increasing access to childcare subsidies; and identifying additional flexible work options for officers.

“I am honored to join CIA in this role and excited to work with officers throughout the Agency to advance our commitment to wellbeing to further support our geographically diverse workforce as they carry out our important mission,” said Dr. Posa.

Dr. Posa has extensive experience in the field of population health and most recently served as the Global Head of Employee Mental Wellbeing and Workplace Effectiveness for Johnson & Johnson, a recognized leader in workplace wellbeing programs.  She also spent 17 years at the Mayo Clinic in multiple business development and strategy development roles.  She holds a Ph.D. in organizational psychology, an M.S. in health fitness management, and a B.A. in psychology.