“Because the manner in which people volunteer to the CIA is through ideology. They believe they're doing something above and greater than themselves, and that they are willing to provide us information that is so crucial in helping policymakers in making the right decisions in the world.”

February 28, 2024
Season 3 File 014

A Conversation with CIA's Spymaster in Chief

From glittering capitals to active warzones, CIA operations officers work across the world to uncover the information needed to keep Americans safe - and ultimately, they’re all overseen by the Agency’s Deputy Director for Operations at CIA Headquarters. It’s a position traditionally shrouded in secrecy, but on this premiere of The Langley Files Season 3, Dee and Walter sit down with the CIA official who recently assumed that mantle, a veteran CIA operations officer who played a central role in CIA’s efforts to help Ukraine defend itself as Russia’s full-scale invasion commenced. In his first-ever public remarks, you’ll learn what CIA operations officers actually do, what the Agency is looking for in its next generation of them, and why human intelligence remains vital in the era of AI—all straight from the spymaster-in-chief of the world’s premiere foreign intelligence organization.

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