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File 016: Part II

“…but I sent another message back. Said I respectfully request to not be part of the next operational cycle providing surveillance because if anything goes wrong, I'm the only one who can put into place the exfiltration plan that we had developed. And so they agreed. A couple of weeks later, midday. Get a flash message in: deaddrop disappeared. Soviet panicked. We gotta get the exfiltration plan going. We gotta get him out.”

May 24, 2024
Season 3 File 016: Part II

Meet the Legendary Black CIA Officer who Made Cold War History - CIA Operations

Part 2: CIA Operations - In Part One of this special two-part episode, George E. Hocker, Jr.—the trailblazing Black CIA operations officer who joined the Agency in the 1950s and ultimately rose to its seniormost ranks—shared with Dee and Walter the trials and triumphs of undergoing CIA operations, paramilitary, and survival training—and doing so as the only Black officer in his class. But George’s career with the Agency was just getting started—and only going to get more intense. In Part Two, you’ll hear about the CIA operations George led overseas—directly from this legendary CIA officer himself. Tune in to learn how George ended up on the wrong end of an AK-47 rifle, in the middle of a mystery that had beguiled the local CIA station for years, and tasked with getting a key Soviet officer sharing information with CIA to safety under cover of darkness. It’s a journey that’ll see George overcome discrimination and break down barriers at Langley, serve as a trusted advisor to not one but two Directors of Central Intelligence, and ultimately achieve a feat still considered a Cold War espionage first.

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