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CIA and the Wars in Southeast Asia, 1947-75

A Studies in Intelligence Anthology
Selections, introduction, and summaries


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September 2016

By: Clayton D. Laurie, CIA Historian, and Andres Vaart, Managing Editor

Purpose. This hyperlinked anthology was prepared as a contribution to Department of Defense-led interagency efforts to commemorate the passing of 50 years since the large-scale engagement of the military forces of the United States and other countries in defending the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) against communist guerrilla, mainforce, and North Vietnamese Army units. For CIA, and many members of the US military, engagement in South Vietnam began well before what is marked as the beginning of the 50th anniversary commemoration, 1965. As the 41 articles selected by CIA historian Clayton Laurie for this anthology will show, Southeast Asia was the focus of CIA activity as long ago as the early 1950s, when it was directed to provide support to French efforts to maintain control of its colony of Indochina.

Dedication. This volume is dedicated to the men and women of the United States, Allied nations, and peoples of the region with whom US intelligence worked to thwart the advance the advance of communism in Southeast Asia. Among the more than fifty-eight thousand Americans who gave their lives were eighteen members of the Central Intelligence Agency, their sacrifices marked by stars carved into CIA’s Memorial Wall.

Additional information about the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration can be found at
The site includes an interactive timeline of war-related events. The timeline includes intelligence events provided by CIA’s History Staff.