Unclassified Extracts from 1994 and earlier issues of Studies in Intelligence

Intelligence Today and Tomorrow

Bridging the Intelligence-Policy Divide

A progress report

James A. Barry, Jack Davis, David D. Gries, and Joseph Sullivan

The Intelligence Revolution and the Future

One of time’s arrows

Wesley K. Wark

Government Spying for Commercial Gain

Problems and alternatives

Mark Burton

Taking Care of Business

A CIA officer-in-residence

David W. Overton

Openness and Secrecy

A basic tension

David D. Gries

Historical Perspectives

Lebanon and the Intelligence Community

A case study

David Kennedy and Leslie Brunetta

A Case Officer’s First Tour

Assignment Trieste

Richard Stolz

Reflections on Mail-Order Tradecraft

The Sears catalogue

Jon A. Wiant

The Exploits of Agent 110

Allen Dulles in wartime

Mark Murphy

At Work with Donovan

One man’s history in OSS

John D. Wilson

Questions, Questions, Questions

Memories of Oberusel

Arnold M. Silver

The Historical Intelligence Collection

From out of the past

Ward Warren and Emma Sullivan

Research Intelligence in Early Modern England

Official scholars and action officers

William H. Sherman

From the Archives

The Face of Moscow in the Missile Crisis

Attaché observations

William F. Scott

Historical Intelligence Documents

From COI to CIG

Intelligence In Recent Public Literature

SIGINT in the Novels of John le Carré

James Burridge