Intelligence Studies

Studies in Intelligence, Winter-Spring 2001

Unclassified Extracts from Studies in Intelligence

Historical Perspectives

A Half-Century of Controversy
The Alger Hiss Case
John Ehrman

A Unique Vantage Point
Creating a Statutory Inspector General at the CIA
L. Britt Snider

Sterilizing a “Red Infection”
Congress, the CIA, and Guatemala
David M. Barrett

Expanding the Horizon
Israel’s Quest for Satellite Intelligence
E. L. Zorn

Walter Pforzheimer Reminisces
Interviewing an Intelligence Icon
William Nolte

Keeping Up on Cuba
A Listening Post in Miami
Justin F. Gleichauf

Intelligence Today and Tomorrow

Protecting CIA Interests
Openness and the Future of the Clandestine Service
N. Richard Kinsman

Arguing for Accountability
Openness and the CIA
Warren F. Kimball

The Nation-State’s Changing Role
Intelligence and the Market State
Gregory F. Treverton

Intelligence in Recent Public Literature

The Book of Honor: Covert Lives and Classified Deaths at the CIA
Thomas M. Troy, Jr.

Best Truth: Intelligence in the Information Age
Richard L. Russell


On the Cover: Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes with his law clerk, Alger Hiss. From Allen Weinstein, Perjury: The Hiss-Chambers Case (Random House: New York, 1979), p. 327, copyright John Knox, 1976.