Intelligence Studies

Volume 52, No. 4

December 2008

Unclassified Extracts from Studies in Intelligence

Intelligence Today and Tomorrow

Teaching Intelligence Analysts in the UK

What Analysts Need to Understand: The King’s Intelligence Studies Program 

Michael S. Goodman and Sir David Omand

Historical Perspective

Guardian Spies

The US Coast Guard and OSS Maritime Operations During World War II 

LCDR Michael Bennett, USCG

Intelligence in Recent Public Literature

Nisei Linguists: Japanese Americans in the Military Intelligence Service During World War II 

Reviewed by Stephen C. Mercado

An Ordinary Spy 

Reviewed by John Ehrman

The Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf

Compiled and Reviewed by Hayden B. Peake

Books Reviewed in 2008


LCDR Michael Bennett, USCG, is Director of Strategic Intelligence Studies at the US Coast Guard Academy. He has done extensive research into the origins and evolution of intelligence in Coast Guard.

John Ehrman serves in the Directorate of Intelligence in CIA and is currently assigned to the Counterintelligence Center. He is a frequent contributor and a winner of a Studies annual award.

Dr. Michael Goodman is a senior lecturer in the Department of War Studies, King’s College London, where he teaches an MA program “Intelligence and International Security.” He is the author of Spying on the Nuclear Bear: Anglo-American Intelligence and the Soviet Bomb. He is seconded to the Cabinet Office as the official historian of the Joint Intelligence Committee.

Sir David Omand, GCB, is a visiting professor at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. He has been his government’s Security and Intelligence Coordinator, director of GCHQ, and permanent secretary of the Home Office and policy director of the Ministry of Defense. He had seven years of service on the Joint Intelligence Committee.

Stephen C. Mercado is an analyst in the DNI Open Source Center, specializing on East Asia. He is a frequent contributor and winner of two annual Studies awards. He is the author of The Shadow Warriors of Nakano: A History of the Imperial Army’s Elite Intelligence School.

Hayden Peake is the curator of the CIA Historical Intelligence Collection. He served in the Directorate of Science and Technology and the Directorate of Operations.