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Acquisition Resource Center (ARC) FAQ

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Doing Business with CIA: Using the Acquisition Resource Center (ARC)

What is the Acquisition Resource Center (ARC)?

ARC is the industry’s unclassified and classified access point for acquisition information, new business opportunities, and outreach activity involvement.

How does CIA use the ARC?

ARC is CIA’s access point for market research, identifying innovative business solutions, and communicating with industry.

How do I access the ARC?

The ARC can be accessed via the web at https://acq.westfields.net

How do I use the ARC to initiate contact with the CIA?

The first step to utilizing the services available through the ARC website is to register your company and create an account. Once registered, you can update your corporate capabilities statement to actively reflect your core competencies.

What is available within ARC once I have registered?

The ARC offers registrants access to announcements and the ability to make connections.


  • Business Opportunities
  • Market Surveys
  • Solicitations
  • Industry Events
  • Capabilities Briefings


  • Identify Sub-Prime Opportunities
  • Advertise Capabilities
  • Share Innovative Ideas

How can I contact the ARC?

The ARC is administered by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). For help with ARC related questions:


(703) 230-6300