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Partner with CIA

Industry Outreach and Business Opportunities

Office of Procurement Executive Seal

Office of the Procurement Executive

The Office of the Procurement Executive (OPE) strives to foster strong alliances with Industry partners and to expand its industry base by reducing barriers for new businesses and promoting transparency through corporate outreach and engagement initiatives.

To enhance industry partnership, OPE conducts several industry engagements throughout the year. Announcements and registration information for Industry Outreach events are posted on the Acquisition Research Center (ARC), CIA Tab generally within two months of the scheduled event.

Industry Partners

Current and prospective vendors already cleared to conduct business with the Agency.

OPE Industry Day: Hosted during Q2 annually, this in-person event includes presentations highlighting near-term and future business opportunities from OPE's Acquisitions Groups, mission overviews and Agency priorities, challenges, and key initiatives. This one-day event requires attendees to possess a TOP SECRET clearance to participate.

Industry Partner Exchange (IPX): Conducted twice annually (Q1 and Q3), this is an interactive forum for Agency officers involved in contract execution to connect with industry representatives on current and relevant topics and challenges. Fostering a collaborative, learning environment this event supports information sharing and brain-storming to address concerns and knowledge gaps across the acquisition life-cycle.

New and Emerging Businesses

Prospective vendors seeking to establish a business relationship with the Agency.

Emerging Business Day: Held annually (Q4), this unclassified forum is held virtually and targets industry contractors with an interest in a potential partnership to support future Agency requirements. The objective is to inform and educate companies on the unique requirement standards an emerging business must navigate to be positioned to gain a contract.

Industry Connections: OPE, in coordination with the Transnational and Technology Mission Center (T2MC), Digital Futures (DF) and Industrial Security Support Division (ISSD) hosts this unclassified event several times a year. The goal is to help companies navigate unique and numerous administrative items to contract with the Agency.

Review Opportunities to Work with CIA

The Acquisition Research Center (ARC) is the industry's access point for acquisition information, new business opportunities, and outreach activity.

To review current contracting opportunities with CIA, click the link below to be directed to the ARC. You must first register your company and create an account by selecting the “Register” button in the top right corner of the website. Once you have an account, you will have access to announcements for Agency business opportunities and Industry outreach events.

For additional information on the ARC process, please read the ARC FAQ.

To visit the ARC website:

Go to ARC

Contact CIA

If you or your company have a novel and/or innovative offering for CIA, contact us at the link below with the details. Enter keyword – “private-sector” in your submission to speed the process for response. Please also include your name, company name, company/personal address, phone number, email and website information along with specifics about your expertise and technology offerings. Please note it may take a few weeks to evaluate the information across stakeholders and respond. Upon successful receipt of your submission, you will receive an acknowledgement and unique Submission Reference ID. CIA will reply to your submission within 45 days if our partners have interest in your offering or the capability outlined.