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Updates to the “Ports and terminals” field include new information on liquid natural gas (LNG) terminals, container ports, and cruise ports. Germany is ramping up LNG import terminals to offset the loss of natural gas pipelines from Russia and now has three operational LNG import terminals with plans to build as many as six in total. To accelerate the availability of LNG imports, Germany is utilizing ship-based Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU).

Recently released 2021 port data shows that most of the top-twenty container ports in the World in terms of “twenty-foot equivalent” (TEU) units continue to be in Asia, but in 2021 three US ports made the top twenty list. The most important cruise tourism destination in the World is the Caribbean Region, where tourism is vital to the economies of most of the island countries. The new update includes an expanded list of Caribbean cruise ports.

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