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Walls of the historic Qal'at al-Bahrain (Fortress of Bahrain), which is the largest and most ancient historical site in the country. It was an important center of the Dilmun Civilization (2nd and 1st millennia B.C.); in later periods, it served as a trading and military outpost.
The Durrat Al Bahrain complex is featured in this image photographed from the International Space Station. Set at the southern end of Bahrain Island, at the furthest point from the cities of the kingdom, is this complex of 15 artificial islands designed for residential living and tourism with luxury hotels and shopping malls. Aimed at a cosmopolitan clientele, the Durrat Al Bahrain includes 21 sq km (8 sq mi) of new land for more than 1,000 residences that has been designed as The Islands (six crescent-shaped "atolls" leading off five fish-shaped "petals"). The Crescent at the bottom of the ring is the heart of the complex and features shops, restaurants, hotels, apartments, offices, and schools. The Central  Island is dedicated to one, ultra-luxurious hotel. The three, thick, crescent-shaped islands at the lower left make up the Durrat Marina; the area between the Marina and the Crescent is a golf course. Image courtesy of NASA.
Aerial view of the Durrat Al Bahrain complex. Image courtesy of USGS.
Manama, the capital of Bahrain, seen from a distance. Its wealth is based on financial services, petroleum, ship repair, and tourism; one of its shopping malls, the Seef (Souk), has luxury apartments and five-star hotels.
Downtown Manama is a shopper's paradise.
The Tree of Life is one of Bahrain's major tourist destinations; it is located in the middle of the desert and somehow has survived for hundreds of years with no obvious source of water.
A mosque near the entrance to the "Souk" market area in Manama.
A mosque along the Khalifa al Kabeer Highway in Manama.
A mosque near the corner of Al Adliya Avenue and Osama bin Ziad Road in Manama.
Mosque near Delmun Roundabout in Manama.
Mosque east of Bab-al-Bahrain between Government Road and King Faisal Road in Manama.
Entrance to the National Museum in Manama. The museum displays the history and traditions of Bahrain.