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    Satellite image showing many of the main islands that make up the British Virgin Islands. The capital of Road Town is clearly visible as the built up area surrounding Road Bay on the island of Tortola. Photo courtesy of NASA.
    St. Thomas, St. John, Tortola, and Virgin Gorda are the four main islands (front to back) in this east-looking view of the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands. For this view, a nearly cloud-free Landsat image was draped over radar elevation data, and shading was added to enhance the topographic expression. Elevation is shown with 1.5x scaled vertical exaggeration. Coral reefs fringe the islands in many locations and appear as very light shades of blue. Tropical vegetation appears green, while developed areas appear in shades of brown and white. Image credit: NASA, JPL, and NIMA.
    The former Legislative Council Building in Road Town is today used as the House of Assembly and the High Court.
    The Old Post Office Building on Main Street in Road Town.