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Clouds encircle the lofty rim of Mount Elgon, a huge, long-extinct volcano on the border between Uganda and Kenya, viewed in this enhanced satellite image. The solitary volcano has one of the world's largest intact calderas, a cauldron-like central depression. The caldera is about 6.5 km (4 mi) across and formed following an eruption, when the emptied magma chamber collapsed under the weight of volcanic rock above it. For active volcanoes in Kenya, see the Natural hazards-volcanism subfield in the Geography section. Image courtesy of USGS.
Dwarfed by Mt. Kilimanjaro (across the border in Tanzania), this elephant makes a solitary journey across a game park in Amboseli.
A large herd of elephants makes its way across Amboseli National Park in southern Kenya.  Amboseli is generally recognized as the best place in Africa to get close to elephants in their natural surroundings.
Approximately 250 km (160 mi) from Nairobi and close to the Tanzania border, Amboseli National Park affords visitors many opportunities to see magnificent animals like this one close up.  Note the small white bird near the foot of the elephant.  These "cattle egrets" are opportunistic feeders that often follow the elephants and eat the insects kicked up by the movement of their much larger friends.
This solitary elephant slowly makes its way across the game reserve as the sun sets on Amboseli National Park.  Early morning and evening game drives introduce safari goers to the incredible beauty of this African treasure.
Distinctive acacia trees line the dirt road carved out by safari vehicles in the Masai Mara National Reserve.  Beautiful scenery, gentle rolling grasslands, and an abundance of wildlife define this unique region of the world.
Lions can pass within feet of open safari vehicles in Masai Mara National Reserve.
Masai Mara guides and safari participants were taken by surprise when this rhinoceros unexpectedly pushed its way through the brush and stopped only three meters (ten feet) from the group.
Although all of the "Big Five" (lion, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros, and leopard) may be seen in the Masai Mara National Reserve, it probably is most famous for its lions. In this photo, a mother and her playful and easily distracted cub walk directly toward a stationary safari vehicle.
Lion in Masai Mara National Reserve.
Thompsons Gazelle in Masai Mara National Reserve.
Zebra Herd in Masai Mara National Reserve.
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